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Electric travel log. Moldova Electro Marathon 2020

Interview with one of the participants of the 2020 Electro Marathon caravan, Ion Malanici from UNDP Moldova, who drove a Hyundai Ioniq

Ion Malanici, driver/clerk at UNDP Moldova

1. Is this your first time driving an electric car such a long way?

Even the first time ever I drove an electric car. And also my first experience on a long distance through our beautiful country in the fall and with a wonderful expedition team.

2. What is the biggest difference between driving a fuel car and one on an electric battery?

The only difference I felt was the charging time; with a car on fossil fuel it is not necessary to plan every gas station on your way, there are enough stations on the route and you are not afraid that you will run out of fuel halfway.

With the electric car you need a little bit of planning, choosing the route so as to make sure there are charging stations on your way. But a good tip would be to have an extension cord in your trunk all the time. You can find an electrical outlet anywhere, even more than gas stations.

3. What was the biggest challenge of this expedition?

My challenge was the expedition itself, to cover those 500 km from south to north and reach my destination in a timely manner, so that the rest of my fellow adventurers do not have to wait for too long.

4. What did you like most about this marathon?

It is that I saw how easy it is to travel through Moldova now with an electric car, the network of charging stations is so vast that you are relax starting on a long drive.

5. How convenient was it to load the car along the route?

For me as a first timer, it was very simple and convenient, it was quite a relaxing process, but I did not have other previous experiences to compare with. It was more difficult when some stations did not allow us to charge two cars at the same time and then we had to wait for each other. But it was a minor inconvenience.

6. How far would you venture to go on an electric car?

I would love to discover Romania, I think that if I had an electric car I would be ready for such a route.

7. Can you imagine Moldova full of electric cars and charging stations?

Yes. And not only do I imagine it, I really want it, I’m ready to go with an electric car, as this marathon was enough for me to convince myself that this is our future and I am ready to be part of it.

For more impressions, watch this video log.



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