Four countries, five influencers and their adventures in Cahul and Ungheni regions

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Switzerland, Romania, Italy, and China are the four countries from where five influencers started their journey to discover the regions of Cahul and Ungheni. For three days, the influencers explored the most picturesque places and tourist attractions, documenting their impressions in several videos published on social networks. The influencers’ tour was organized by the “EU4Moldova: Focal Regions” programme, financed by the European Union and implemented by UNDP and UNICEF, with the aim of promoting the Cahul and Ungheni regions.

From the heart of Switzerland to the heart of Ungheni

The fall of 2023 caught the former TV presenter and vlogger Cristina Gheiceanu, settled in Switzerland for several years, in Ungheni. Cristina rediscovered the charm of the region, but also visited new locations such as the “Unicorn Carpets” carpet factory and “Crama Mircești”, famous for its vineyards, wines and traditional dishes.

She visited Cristina Lupu’s workshop, where “Bubulino” eco toys come to life and relaxed with hundreds of other young people at the pedestrian pool in Independence Square.

The vlogger said that the days spent in Ungheni and its surroundings will remain present in her memory, thanks to the people full of energy and thirsty for change.

“Crama Mircești is a place that I wholeheartedly recommend, I tasted wines, ate traditional Moldovan dishes, some delicious sarmales that I missed. Next to the Mircești Winery, he has been a potter for over 80 years. I tried too and it’s extremely difficult, I don’t know how he manages it: he says he has his secrets. I visited the center of Ungheni, which looks extraordinarily good, thanks to the investments of recent years”.

In just a few days, Cristina Gheiceanu managed to share with her Instagram community the most beautiful and interesting places in the Ungheni region, which has been supported since 2019 by the “EU4Moldova: Focal Regions” programme, financed by the European Union and implemented by UNDP and UNICEF.

And the SunChase Journey motorhome is stationed in Ungheni

Luminița and Costi are a couple who have become known in the virtual environment for their exotic trips to different corners of the world. For several years, the two have been travelling with a motorhome and have gathered thousands of views on their YouTube channel. In one of their trips, Luminița and Costi also reached Ungheni.

“We have been travelling full time for seven years now; the first three years we travelled by plane, and now the last four years we travel by motorhome. The Ungheni region is also a discovery not to be neglected, and we recommend our followers to discover these places with enthusiasm and good cheer,” notes Costi.

Luminița and Costi recharged themselves with the energy of nature at “Movila Măgurii”, tasted the delicacies prepared by Diana Beșliu at the “Stories” cafe, visited the “Micul Cluj” Park, the train station in Ungheni municipality, as well as other locations.

About the Cahul region in Chinese

Established in China for ten years, followed and appreciated by millions of Chinese on social networks — Gabriela Cojocaru heard the call of the Cahul region and did not resist. During her trip, Gabriela Cojocaru discovered authentic people and places from the south of the country, tourist destinations and thriving businesses, supported by the “EU4Moldova: Focal Regions” programme, funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP and UNICEF.

Being in the municipality of Cahul for the first time, Gabriela Cojocaru discovered the history and complexity of the “Nufărul Alb” sanatorium, but also the rehabilitated center of the city and the “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” University.

“I went to the Underground Galleries in Cahul, in the morning I went to the central park, they have a very nice park. I also visited the University of Cahul. I found out that many festivals and cultural events are organized in the city of Cahul”, points out Gabriela Cojocaru.

After Cahul, Gabriela continued to discover the local flavor of several localities in the region.

At Slobozia Mare, he went to the “Potcoava Verde” agro-pension and admired Lake Beleu.

“I went to Lake Beleu, I went to the village of Văleni, I met such beautiful ladies, who promote the culture and traditions of the south with so much love,” says Gabriela.

In Văleni, Gabriela Cojocaru visited the “Bread Museum” — the only museum of its kind in the country.

Gabriela’s tour ended with admiring the Golden Hills in Văleni, a wine tasting at Vinia Traian and a short exploration of Giurgiulești Port.

Throughout her journey through the historical places and cultural objectives, Gabriela was always accompanied by her audience in China, managing to reproduce online a good part of the beauty and specificity of the region.

The Italian fascinated by “plăcinte” and cheese of the south

Stefano Cicchini, a travel vlogger from Italy took a break from his routine to also discover the hidden treasures of the Cahul region. In the two days he spent in the area, Stefano managed as much as others in a month.

He visited the gastronomic workshop of Maria Minciună and the Museum of History and Ethnography in the village of Slobozia Mare, the guesthouse “Casa Bunicului” in the village of Pașcani, the commune of Manta and the barn of Nicu Tudor. The Municipal Philharmonic of Cahul was not overlooked either.

The vlogger enjoyed both the beauty of the surroundings and the charm of the locals.

“I have travelled to many countries in Europe and I have to admit that these places are some of the most beautiful and welcoming. I can’t wait to tell my audience about this project, but also about everything I saw and tried in the Republic of Moldova”, concludes Stefano Cicchini.

In 2024, Cahul and Ungheni will continue to be in the attention of foreign influencers, the regions being hosts for vloggers from Romania and the United Kingdom.

Promoting the tourism potential of the Cahul and Ungheni regions is a priority of the “EU4Moldova: Focal Regions” programme, financed by the European Union and implemented by UNDP and UNICEF, which previously developed the region’s brand, which is a first for the Republic of Moldova.



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