Integrity awareness campaign in private sector: “I did not buy success”

Business success goes hand in hand with integrity, and the bribes and illegalities should be eliminated in the relationship between the private sector and state institutions. This is the motto of three entrepreneurs from the Republic of Moldova who managed to build successful businesses without cutting the corners.

UNDP in Moldova
Dec 4, 2019 · 5 min read
They are the protagonists of the campaign “I did not buy my success” launched by the United Nations Development Programme and National Anticorruption Centre. During November — December, several TV channels broadcasted two social videos to promote integrity in the private sector as part of an awareness campaign.

“I would rather close my business than do something illegal”

“Success cannot be bought with a bribe. Personally, I will never sacrifice my honour and dignity for success. I would rather sell the premises and close my business than do something illegal,” says Vlad Suleanschi, the co-owner of two restaurants in the Capital city.

He declared that he started his business with the clear idea of being legal and he succeeded to observe this principle, although sometimes, it was rather difficult to interact with the state bodies. In the meantime, his business developed and has 24 employees now.

“Although difficult, but it is possible to open a restaurant without bribing. Some people bribe because it is easier. This should change. I believe that little by little people will begin to understand that this is a disadvantage to all of us. ‘My name is Vlad, I do not bribe’ — I said it as many times as it was necessary and it worked,” says the entrepreneur.

Vlad Suleanschi noted that there was another condition for those who want to do honest business — full payment of all taxes and contributions to the state budget. “I pay all the taxes. This is something that is left out; it is important to pay your taxes and avoid bribing. We cannot claim good roads if we did not pay all taxes; we cannot ask for better healthcare services, if we offer envelope wages,” declared the entrepreneur.

Integrity guarantees your success

Igor Golban, the founder of an eco-product company, sees integrity as key for success in business. The man decided to launch a business in his country, the Republic of Moldova, and to do this, visited similar companies in other states, afterwards, drafting a business plan that he followed by the book. He invested in land, then he planted orchards and started to process his own production in specially built and equipped buildings.

His company is specialised in the production of almonds, walnuts, sea buckthorn, cold-pressed oils, dried fruit and other eco-products, including for export.

“I would like to advice those who want to start a business, to do it legally — do not bribe. If you want a sustainable honest business, do not accept corruption. One must have integrity, be fair and an example to the others — family, clients and employees. The success cannot be bought. You have achieved success if it brings you joy and it is useful to the society,” said the entrepreneur.

Success cannot be bought. It can be built with a good team”

Vlada Balica, the manager of a plastic waste treatment plant thinks that integrity is crucial for a successful business. The company she runs was established based on the concern for the environment. “I started with a plastic packaging company. At some point, I understood that all we produce end up in the field”.

Since then, she started to inquire more and more about plastic recycling and in 2006 she launched a recycling line. The company has over 200 persons now. The company sorts plastic and then recycle it into granules and export it to Romania, Austria and France.

Vlada Balica believes that a business can be successful if its formula does not include bribe and other illegalities.

Vlada Balica believes that a business can be successful if its formula does not include bribe and other illegalities. “We can survive in our country, we can do business without bribing, we can receive any document from a state institution, if we are fair to ourselves, if we meet the authorisation and licencing requirements,” says the entrepreneur.

According to Vlada Balica, “success cannot be bought; it can be built with a high performing team with substantive knowledge. Success comes when you aim for targets that seem impossible to achieve at the beginning.”

The campaign “I did not buy my success” was launched by UNDP Moldova in cooperation with the National Anticorruption Centre within the “Curbing corruption by building sustainable integrity in the Republic of Moldova” project, implemented with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of External Affairs.

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UNDP in Moldova on Medium: articles, opinions, events

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