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Moldova: A boost in local economy, less families torn apart by migration

Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova

Money sent home from abroad used for consumption

Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova
Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova
The Gasca family on the doorsteps of “La bunica” guest house, a project that will reunite the family, but will also boost local development. Photo: Ion Buga/UNDPMoldova

We develop local communities to come back home

Victor Gasca has a newly established family in the USA, but he is looking forward to the day when he will be able to come home.
The park, arranged by the natives, hosts the “Pie and Dolmades” festival every year Photo: Gabriela Tutunaru/UNDP Moldova

“HOME in Chiscareni” — a touristic route developed with the support of the natives

During her fifth term as mayor, Silvia Turcanu has a clear vision regarding the development of Chiscareni. Photo: Andiana Mereuță, Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova
The Pupaza family is ready to receive guests at “Rustica” pension Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova
The house is about 100 years old, and the authentic style has been preserved. Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova
Tourists may collect and eat organic raspberries from the garden of “Rustica” pension
Map of the tourist route in Chiscareni
Casso’s mound was set up with access stairs and a platform to admire the surroundings. Photo: Andriana Mereuță/UNDP Moldova
The Turtureanu family proposes bee-therapy sessions within the tourist guest house “Albinuţa”. Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova
The Midrigan family waits for tourists at their rabbit farm, and householders in the village offer master classes in various crafts. Photo: Andriana Mereuță/UNDP Moldova

Three generation of women — engine of progress

Grandmother Raisa will get tourists to the guest house and will teach them all the things life taught. her Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova
Natural herbal teas gathered from an ecological area. Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova
The Gasca family is waiting for their boys AT HOME. Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova



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