Social campaign: Do you want to be successful? Show integrity!

On the eve of the International Anti-Corruption Day, the National Anticorruption Centre and UNDP Moldova launched a campaign to promote integrity “I did not buy for my success”.

UNDP in Moldova
Dec 4, 2019 · 4 min read
Several influencers encouraged people to avoid illegalities and to build their success in life following honest and legal methods. Their messages were inserted in a social video, which is broadcasted on TV and through social media.

“You cannot have success if you are corrupt”

One of the protagonists of the campaign, the journalist and vlogger Dorin Galben, notes that integrity is key to become a successful person. This is the golden rule for any professional. The on-line platform “Un show de doi Galbeni” [A show of two gold pennies] that he developed with over 100 thousand followers discusses mainly social issues.

“Corruption is quite a phenomenon in the Republic of Moldova and no matter how much we talk about it, it continues to exist in our society. Unfortunately, money plays an important role in our country. We are those who generate this chain of bribe: giving and accepting.”

According to him, success avoids corrupt people. “A successful person is a person of integrity. You cannot be corrupt and have success. A successful person does not bribe; he/she is responsible for what he/she says, communicates, what subjects tackles.”

“It is shameful to bribe”

Dorin Galben thinks that corruption can be reduced as a result of better awareness

“A well-informed person is a person who is difficult to manipulate. When you go to a hospital, you know your rights, you know that some services are covered by the health insurance, and you will never pay MDL 1000–2000 to the doctor. The lack of information makes people believe that if the police stopped you, you have to bribe, while it is more effective to pay a fine of MDL 200,” mentioned Dorin.

What is even more effective is that each of us stops bribing and asking for favours, notes the journalist. “I always start with the assumption that if I bribe, this will be known immediately. Someone would say the journalist Dorin Galben bribed while he promotes other values. I do not want to do this, and my conscience is clean. Citizens have to understand that bribing is shameful, and you can regret it for the rest of your life,” said Dorin Galben.

“All my successes were achieved by hard work”

Another protagonist of the campaign, the student Victor Purice, who obtained many international medals in educational subjects declared that his success was achieved first by working hard.

“It is silly to pay the teacher and the professor should not accept the bribe. I believe one must study for marks, results. The success has no magical formulae; it is a combination of efforts, passion, luck, abnegation and dedication.”

Victor solves mathematical problems since kindergarten and when he went to school, it became his passion. He won the first competition when he was in grade 4 followed by many national and international Olympiads — silver for Balkans Olympiad in mathematics in Greece, bronze for the Balkans Olympiad in informatics and European Olympiad in informatics in 2018.

“Your image is priceless”

The actress Dana Ciobanu thinks that the success is, first of all, the capacity to keep your integrity. “Fairness, image, social perception should be seen as more important than money. You can be a successful person in the Republic of Moldova, with integrity, abiding by your principles without compromising yourself,” she said.

Dana Ciobanu combines successfully the profession of an actress with that of journalist. She works in TV, theatre and movie industries.

“For me the success equals work and ambition, keeping the priorities in life and being resistant to the temptations that might occur along the way. You must have a strong backbone to resist, especially in journalism and theatre. Success arises when you are content with yourself, you are not ashamed to look in the mirror and smile at yourself,” she added.

According to Dana Ciobanu, the integrity should be cultivated in the family. “I always knew that I would not choose financial stability by damaging my integrity. It was clear to me since childhood. It was a value taught by my father. The profession I have chosen has taught me willpower and hard work. I know that by saying ‘no’ to immediate benefits and aiming higher, you can resist,” declared the actress.

The Campaign “I did not buy my success” is part of the project “Curbing corruption by building sustainable integrity in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by the UNDP and National Anticorruption Centre with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of External Affairs.

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UNDP in Moldova

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UNDP Moldova

UNDP in Moldova on Medium: articles, opinions, events

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