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The meadow area on Camenca river, compromised by human activity, could “come back to life”

Photos: Ion Buga.
Marian Țărnă, Deputy President of Glodeni district.

From meadow area to semi-desert

Anatolie Hangiuc and his family lives all their lfie on the bank of Camenca river.

“If it does not rain, it will be all gone here”

“The inhabitants had plenty of water. There were also some marshes in the area full of water, flora and fauna were special. But now, unfortunately all has dried up, it is outrageous. People are resentful, as because of these changes they are suffering,” says Angela Ceban, mayor of Cuhnești.

Deviation of the natural course of the river — an ecological catastrophe

Angela Ceban,mayor of Cuhnești commune.

“There will be huge benefits, the population will suffer no more and we hope tourism will develop. Where there is no water, there is nothing. In spring, autumn, here it used to be both fauna and birds, and swans, now there is nothing”, concludes the mayor of Cuhnești.

Ion Carauș, Member of the Bureau of Hunters of Glodeni commune.
Gheorghe Barancea, Resident of Movileni village

Without water, Padurea Domneasca is a “dead zone”

Serghei Bucătari, Deputy Director of “Pădurea Domnească” Reserve.

The return to the natural course of the river might mean the revival of the meadow



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