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We are where we live. We are Chisinau

At Green City Lab, we believe that we are where we live. Yes, the staircase and the courd-yard of the building should be taken care of first by those who live there, the snow in front of the shops should be cleaned by their owners, and all of us, should take care of rivers and waters, not just officials, and we need to engage children as well.

Community engagement needs to be sustained and cultivated and why not do it through a reporting platform?

Where our own efforts are no longer sufficient to solve a problem, there should be a mechanisms provided by the authorities. One of these is the reporting platform EU.CHISINAU.md, through which the inhabitants of the capital can report to the subdivisions of the mayor’s office the problems in the city.

How does is work?

Anyone with an Internet connection may access the platform without the need to create an account or enter personal and contact details. All that is needed is the location on the map of the problem and as many details about it as possible. Then, those who manage the platform assign the reported case to a subdivision of the mayor’s office. The course of the case and the solution can be followed on the platform, in real time.

Reported case on eu.chisinau.md

Cut to the chase:

Case 1
Problem category: Unauthorized construction/Housing
Location: Mircea cel Batrin boulevard, 40
Responsible for solving the problem: Ciocana Sector
Problem description: Unauthorized booth, placed on the green spaces
Settlement time: 9 days

Unauthorized construction on 40 Mircea cel Batrin boulevard

Case 2
Problem category: Sanitation
Location: 43/2 Andrei Doga street
Responsible for solving the problem: Riscani Sector
Problem description: Garbage near the landfill Platform
Settlement time: 3 days

Sanitation on 43/2 Andrei Doga str.

Since the launch of the platform, dozens of problems have been solved, covering: sanitation in parks, green spaces, land, block yards, stray dogs, street lightning, restoration of sidewalks in the block yards as a result of the works performed, unsafe sewers, defective traffic lights at pedestrian crossings, road markings, evacuation of concrete constructions from streets and pedestrian paths that posed a danger to passers-by.

Statistically speaking…

Now, in April 2021, 1061 reported cases are ongoing, 843 are postponed and 3617 complaints are solved.

The electronic platform EU.CHISINAU.md was also created to ensure a continuous flow of data on problems in the city, ideas generated by citizens and trends in each of the areas of interest, which could inform public policies at the local level and determine estimates for budget cycles.

One of the principles underlying the creation of the platform is dynamism, which makes possible, at a later stage, to attach a block of crowdsourcing (collection of ideas from citizens), participatory budgeting and crowdfunding.

At the moment, eu.chisinau.md is modeled on the principles of human-centered design, such as:
1. Focus on people — take into account the challenges and opportunities that real people face in their lives.

2. Empathy — takes into account people’s behaviors, thoughts and emotions, i.e. the motivation of citizens to report and the motivation of civil servants to keep their attention on the reports received and continue to solve the reported problems.

3. Power of choice — the solution will be selected from a larger group of possible solutions.

4. Real results — real-time case monitoring and evaluation.

5. Iterative — future opportunities to design and further develop other public services provided by Chisinau City Hall, in terms of human-centered design and experience of this platform.

However, people influence their communities and surroundings. Every report is a step towards solving problems and from here it is not that far to a better city to which we all contributed to.

The platform was developed at the initiative of Chisinau City Hall, with the support of the “Sustainable Green Cities for Moldova” Project, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).



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