A New Product Build on U Network, Sincerely Invite 100 Users to Test


In 2018, U Network core team completed the construction of the technical infrastructure and the public blockchain. In order to implement the goal of U Network’s global decentralized content ecosystem, in 2019, we must focus on having a UUU-applicable content product that is popular in the market.

Therefore, in Q1 of 2019, U Network incubated a brand new product — Upbet, which will build on U Network public chain.

And we are pleased to announce today that the Alpha version is officially launched. We will be inviting 100 people as Upbet seed users to help conduct comprehensive testing of the product at its earliest stage, in order to lay a solid foundation for achieving the goal of 2019.


If you are eager to try this product, please register below. Registration ends on 3/10 (UTC+8).

Please note that the email address to be entered on the form is very important, it will be linked to your registered Upbet account. The Upbet team will send you 1M UUU test tokens according to the email address you submitted.

Users who are not invited can only choose to observe because they will not have the UUU test tokens.

In addition, we will start the simulation contest until the end of 3/21(UTC+8), when the product testing will be over at the same time. The top 5 UUU holders will receive an average of 100,000 real UUU tokens as reward after the contest.

We only invited 100 users to test all the functions of our products this round. If you are invited, the only important thing besides testing and participating in the contest is to give us your most sincere feedback.

Your valuable feedback is the source of motivation for Upbet developer team’s constant pursuit of perfection.


Product highlights:

1.User can launch a content forecast for free. As the initiator, user can get 2% of the UUU from the losing side as reward.
2. Pledged UUU can get an annual rate of return of 21% in Upbet.
3. User can launch a content forecast and conduct content betting(participants are only allowed to bet against you)


The core discussion about Upbet will be on social media Discord: https://discord.gg/5XuhSyB, the successful applicants will be invited into a discord private group.

Don’t worry if you are not among the seed users, you can choose to observe. The product will be introduced to you soon after the testing.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us.

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