Architecture Design Plan of Testnet 2.0 — U Network Bi-Weekly Report #11

U Network testnet has been launched for over 3 weeks. 2 bugs on testnet have been fixed. U Network would like to thank all community members’ unwavering support. After last week’s research and systematic planning, U Network testnet would start the development and upgrade into version 2.0.

Now let’s take a look at the detailed progress in the last 2 weeks.

Progress Report:

U Network Blockchain Development

  1. Technical verification and basic test for account model UTXO to change the balance model
  2. R&D on cross-chain relevant technology
  3. Preliminary verification and testing of virtual machine integration
  4. Fixed 2 bugs for testnet
  5. Technical selection planning and strategy formation of testnet 2.0
  6. Achieve compatibility with Ethereum smart contract to fulfill program 1.0 planning
  7. Selection of consensus mechanism and peer-to-peer communication module
  8. Segmentation of development module and walkthrough of overall process logic
  9. Overall architecture design plan of testnet 2.0
  10. Submitted part of framework code to Github

U Network DApps Development

Progress on U赞 version V1.2.0

  1. Pushed 5 selected articles on both U赞 public account and within app
  2. Completed recording token transfer details of signed authors for August
  3. Daily updates within U赞 author recommendation community

Marketing & Business Development

U Network Forms Strategic Partnership with OATH Protocol

UUU (U Network) officially announced its strategic partnership with OATH Protocol. As a decentralized governance protocol, OATH Protocol will provide technical support to U Network in terms of content governance and management

U Network, as the latest public blockchain centered around content creation, has many content-related DApps within its ecosystem.

U Network co-founder Yi Lu said “OATH provides a fair and just governance plan, which combines blockchain technology perfectly with the law system. It has a unique design and detailed consideration in the selection, voting, reward, anti-cheating, and other aspects. We are glad to form partnership with OATH.”

OATH Protocol has currently formed partnership with several quality blockchain projects including high TPS public chain QuarkChain, content public chain U Network and blockchain travel service market, etc.

Token Manager HOLD gives out 10 million UUU tokens

HOLD is a comprehensive platform for digital asset management, easy synchronization of positions, selected information recommendation and real-time news update. The best one-stop asset management and information tracking tool in crypto world.

It supports close to 3,000 kinds of cryptocurrencies, current price, total value, real-time price fluctuation, return rate, etc. You can get real-time asset updates simply by adding positions.

It supports importing wallet address, synchronizing popular exchange API, manual input, viewing positions in HOLD, and managing digital assets conveniently and efficiently.

It collates popular articles on the whole network, covering the latest information and opinions on various cryptocurrencies. It can also recommend the most relevant and valuable content based on user positions.

24/7 rolling news, hot Weibo, VIP quotes and policy movements. Bring you the latest news in the crypto world.

Stanford 2018 Sino-US Economic Technological Innovation Forum

On Aug 28th, U Network co-founder Peter Qin was invited to attend 2018 Sino-US Economic Technological Innovation Forum held at Stanford University. Peter had in-depth communication with Penta Lab co-founder Roy, Silicon Valley Palo Alto city Chief-Information-Officer Jonathan Reichental, and famous media personnel and Huobi Research Institute head Yuming Yuan.

BlockAsset Ventures

On Sep 1, U Network co-founder Peter Qin conducted in-depth communication with Singapore University of Social Sciences professor, BlockAsset Ventures co-founder David Lee.

ICX Station Launch Event in San Francisco

On Sep 7, U Network co-founder Peter Qin attended ICON’s ICX Statio launch event in San Francisco. He had a conversation with ICON co-founder Min Kim. Both ICX Station and U Network want to fully promote the large-scale adoption of Blockchain projects.

Blockchain X Media event in China

On Sep 10, U Network co-founder Yi Lu was invited to attend Blockchain X Media event hosted by in Shanghai. The theme was “Can Blockchain Reshape Media Industry?”. Yi Lu discussed new trends within the media industry with other top media industry professionals.

U Network is the first global decentralized content valuation and publishing platform. It uses economic principles to introduce market prediction in content platforms, solves the issue of “quality content being obscured”, brings quality content to attention.

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