Co-Founder had a speech at SF Blockchain Week and UUU Ranked 181 out of 2850 -U Network Bi-weekly Report #13

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Oct 10, 2018 · 3 min read

U Network overseas community’s naming contest for U Network’s DApp U赞 has recently completed. There were 219 participants in total.

The new campaign “The first token you will create in your life” which inspires people to become their own token founder has also received many creative feedbacks from community members. If you will create a token, what will you name it?

Last week UUU was ranked 181 out of 2850 projects on CoinGecko.

Now let’s take a look at the detailed progress in the last 2 weeks.

Progress Report:

Blockchain Development

(Testnet Officially Launched)

  1. Completion of flow tightness control function development of consensus algorithm
  2. Design and development of an independent transaction buffer pool to store the Ethereum blocks
  3. Completed the initialization and autoloading of the creation block
  4. Fixed some bugs in the process testing
  5. Completed basic transaction broadcast function test
  6. Completed development and testing of broadcast function after block consensus
  7. Completed the local connection test of the web3 interface
  8. Completed transaction execution and single-node block packaging function development
  9. Completed the creation and invocation testing of single-node smart contracts
  10. Attempted deployment of a multi-node testing environment

Marketing & Business Development

U Network co-founder Peter Qin to speak at SF Blockchain Week 2018

On Oct 8, co-founder of U Network and SV Insight Peter Qin had a speech at SF Blockchain Week. Other attendants of the event include Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and Litecoin founder Charlie Lee.

GoinGecko Ranking of UUU

CoinGecko analyzes its list of cryptocurrencies in all aspects. It is an application for cryptocurrency ranking charts that rank cryptocurrencies by development progress, community activity, and transaction liquidity. You can see that UUU is currently ranked 181 in CoinGecko. The total number of projects rated by CoinGecko is 2850. You can search for UUU directly at CoinGecko official website

CoinGecko not only judges the project ranking by the total market value, but also scores from the dimensions of market capitalization, liquidity, technology developer community activity, community activity and public interest. The project was analyzed and evaluated as below:

Global Community Development

Share about the first token you will create in your life

So far almost 30 people have submitted their articles, among which 10 have been reviewed and published on the U Network official subreddit.

The deadline for submission is Oct 14. You can check U Network official Twitter PIN tweet for details:

Naming contest for U Network’s DApp U赞 has officially completed

Our naming contest has finally come to an end. There were 219 participants from overseas community and 192 names were submitted in total. 4 members have submitted the same name suggestion of U Talk. Eventually, U talk was chosen as the best name.

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U Network

U Network is a decentralized content asset storage, notarization, distribution, publishing and valuation network based on the blockchain.

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U Network

U Network

U Network is a decentralized content asset storage, notarization, distribution, publishing and valuation network based on the blockchain.

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