U Network announces buy-back program for ecosystem expansion

In the past few months, U Network has been working hard to form strategic partnerships with many projects, exchanges, organizations, and companies. These are exciting long-term collaborations and there are more to come in the future. We have also begun lengthy discussions to incubate upcoming projects on our U Network blockchain. We understand that creating a strong public blockchain requires widespread adoption so this is one of our priorities. Lastly, we have been working on implementing different components of our protocol’s API into established websites.

However, the demand for UUU tokens has exceeded our current designated holdings. The team now faces a problem: leaving our ecosystem tokens intact, how do we pursue these new opportunities to grow the U Network ecosystem?

We have decided to form a dedicated UUU Foundation Fund, in order to encourage and reward business partnerships and DApps building on our blockchain within the U Network ecosystem.

Aside from being utilized as a partnership and DApp incubation fund, it will also be used to further expose U Network to a wider audience. This includes paying the listing fees of top tier exchanges, marketing in countries where our following is not strong, partnerships opportunities with writers to increase our DApp adoption, user engagement competitions, and team expansion. We have exciting things planned.

Initially, we plan to buyback a total of approximately 1000 Ethereum (ETH) worth of UUU in several stages. The first stage will be completed with a target of 200 ETH worth of UUU tokens.

Stage 1:

July 12th(PDT) update: the first buyback will be executed between $0.004–0.005 dollars.

For transparency purposes, an Ethereum wallet address was generated specifically for this buyback program.

Buyback enquiry address:


Live updates will be posted here. Thanks for your support.


U Network Team

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