U Network Bi-weekly Report #17

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Dec 4, 2018 · 4 min read

U Network focused on high-configuration machine environment configuration and deployment, as well as high-configuration environment blockchain stress testing. After nearly 12 hours a day of marathon development by the community and team developers, U Network’s Mainnet UStart was launched last week. The name came from the community and was selected among a total of more than 100 sets of very creative names.

UGot continued UI iteration; ChongDong community made its first announcement overseas.

Last week, U Network officially announced its strategic partnership with Mixin Network.

Now let’s take a look at the detailed progress in the last 2 weeks.

Progress Report:

Blockchain Development

  1. Research DPoS algorithm GO language version implementation

Mainnet Officially Launched

  1. Completed server preparation and deployment of the Mainnet

Product Development

About UGot

  1. Completed new UI revision and started testing

Marketing & Business Development

U Network Mainnet UStart was launched

After nearly 12 hours a day of development by the community and team developers, U Network’s Mainnet UStart was officially launched on November 29, 2018.

Mainnet UStart: after 600+ Commits, all codes have been uploaded to Github. It has been tested to exceed 2000 TPS, surpassing Ethereum and solving the performance problems faced by the blockchain content industry. 2000 TPS still has huge room for improvement, but it has laid down a solid foundation for more decentralized content products in the future.

U Network forms Strategic Partnership with Mixin Network

U Network and Mixin Network formed strategic partnership, they will work together to promote community ecology and industry development. UUU will be added to Mixin Messenger wallet. Mixin Network will also be the first partner after U Network’s Mainnet launch.

Mixin Network is a transaction network that provides free, real-time transaction services for all blockchain assets. It is also an open, transparent, privacy-enhanced economy. Inherited the Bitcoin UTXO structure, combined with mature BFT, POS and DAG technology, along with Intel hardware signature mechanism and high-speed data center to achieve ultra-high capacity, ultra-fast confirmation, very secure distributed ledger network.

U Network ChongDong Community’s first Announcement Overseas

U Network Dapp ChongDong community has reached strategic partnership with various projects in its early days. Recently, ChongDong community has also entered the vision of overseas users for the first time.

Guobin, co-founder and CTO of ChongDong community, shared “how to use blockchain to issue STO” at the first training camp held in China.

ChongDong community has settled in the Huobi information.

  1. The latest developments in ChongDong community will continue to be released on Huobi information

Global Community Development

U Network Mainnet Naming Contest

For U Network’s Mainnet launch, the community hosted the Mainnet naming contest, hoping that community members can brainstorm. As of last week, the naming contest received over 100 sets of very creative names, the team finally selected 12 sets, after a three-day Twitter community vote, the final winning set is: UStart UChange Unlimited

These will be the names of the three phases of U Network Mainnet.

Reward tokens transferred to winners of “The First Token of Your Life” essay contest

Thanks to community members who have long supported U Network.

“The First Token of Your Life” essay contest in the community has been successfully concluded.

The reward UUU tokens have all been transferred.

Winners can check for tokens at submitted ETH address.

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