U Network Bi-weekly Report #25

Dear U Network (UUU) followers, supporters and believers, welcome back to our bi-weekly project review time, thank you again for your continued support and love.

In the past two weeks, U Network has progressed smoothly and steadily forward.

Now let’s take a look at the detailed progress in the last 2 weeks.

Progress Report:

Product Development:


a. Added the sharing function of social medias

b. Refactored the UI style of each page

c. Added the trending page

Best Prediction in Last 2 Weeks

With 10 players and total 137,000 UUU


Chongdong’s new book “From 0 to 1, Study Blockchain Comprehensively” has officially published.

At present, the U Network ecosystem products include Chongdong, UGot, Upbet and UBuild. All entrepreneurs and developers are welcome to jointly build the U Network global decentralized content ecosystem.

Marketing and Operation

UUU Chinese Naming Campaign

U Network team hosted UUU Chinese naming campaign around Chinese crypto community. The strategy partner Atlas Protocol help boost the campaign in all Chinese crypto major medias. Nearly 400 unique Chinese name has been collected. U Network team collected 8 names for enter the final voting session.

UUU Listed on GOKO Exchange

UUU officially launched the exchange GOKO with UUU/USDT and UUU/BTC trading pairs. U Network project leader Yilu also did the Chinese AMA with GOKO community.

Global Community Development

Cryptocurrency YouTube Influencers CryptoPig Reviewed U Network

Cryptocurrency YouTube Influencers CryptoPig asked his community members to select the 5 best projects for his review among UUU, NPXS, ELA, OCN, BOLT, ZIL, and XRP. UUU was recommended with the highest votes among the projects, and the video has been released.

U Network is a decentralized content asset storage, notarization, distribution, publishing and valuation network based on the blockchain. Allowing every individual to transform their own digital content into assets within the U Network ecosystem. This, in turn, constructs a revitalized financial market for content; leading to the redistribution and optimization of the Internet value, owner autonomy and efficiency of the token economy. Lead the way towards a truly free market for content.

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