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U Network forms strategic partnership with DEx.top

U Network (UUU) launch and trading date

UUU (U Network) will soon be listed on DEx.top trading platform and be added to ETH trading zone.

Why UUU chose to list on DEx.top

DEx.top was incubated by Bitmain overseas and is a decentralized crypto exchange built on Ethereum smart contract network. With the team’s extensive research on consensus algorithm and smart contract, DEx.top created the ROC (Replayed on Chain) mechanism. This “match off-chain, upload on-chain in batches” mechanism uses double bookkeeping model and ensures security, real-time transaction, and low cost for trading.

Since its debut on June 6 this year, DEx.top kept expanding fast. Within the past 2 months, it has successfully added access to Coinmarketcap and Etherscan. It has also added over 30 trading pairs. The platform has also achieved strategic partnership in several sectors, including hosting HackerOne Challenge with world famous hacker group HackerOne, to audit the exchange smart contract codes and improve security. It has also added access to digital wallets such as imToken, Trust Wallet, and iBitcome, to expand its mobile-end service.

Why DEx.top chose to list UUU

U Network is the first quality content blockchain, the first global decentralized content publishing and valuation platform. U Network was designed to provide a prediction market on content value for the users in order to establish a reasonable pricing mechanism, to help users discover valuable content and information, and to tackle the incentive issue for quality content.

U Network solves the 3 main issues of content industry:

  1. Unfair profit sharing: platforms don’t distribute value fairely to users and creators
  2. Poor discovery: content discovery algorithms are harmed by spammers and paid bots
  3. Centralized governance: users don’t have a voice in content moderation or in platform policy decisions

DEx.top core team

DEx.top team’s core members come from Google, Uber, Temasek, ASIC Miner, and other top companies. They are geographically located in USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The team has extensive research results in consensus algorithm, smart contract models and decentralized long-term contracts, etc. It has diverse experience in terms of fintech sector product development, operation, and risk management. At its early stage, it conducted combined testing with some projects within BitMain ecosystem.

Technical cooperation

Besides listing UUU, U Network blockchain technology community U Talk would also have in-depth partnership with DEx.top.




U Network is a decentralized content asset storage, notarization, distribution, publishing and valuation network based on the blockchain.

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