U Network Mainnet Ustart is Officially Launched, Big Things are on the Way

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Nov 29, 2018 · 6 min read
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Dear UUU community members:

Thank you for your support and companionship all along. After nearly 12 hours of marathon development by the community and team developers, we are pleased to announce today that U Network Mainnet Ustart officially launched on November 29, 2018.

U Network’s choice of the Mainnet name comes from the community. There were more than 100 sets of very creative names. The team finally selected 12 groups of names. After a three-day Twitter community vote, the most popular set of names Ustart, Uchange, and Unlimited by community member David were selected as the names for the three stages of the U Network Mainnet. The Mainnet Ustart will run from November 28, 2018 to Q1 2019, when the Mainnet Uchange will go online.

U Network is a blockchain born for content. We focus on building our blockchain content ecosystem from the very beginning, and the powerful blockchain content ecology requires a strong blockchain infrastructure and decentralized community to work.

How to construct a strong infrastructure in the content space?

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One-click Functions

One-click functions integrate U Network’s one-click token release, one-click deployment of smart contract, one-click deployment of UUU layers and one-click install DApp, etc. The multi-faceted one-click feature set allows each individual, content producer, content professional and content service provider to access the U Network’s content ecosystem in the most convenient way.

In the previous essay campaign “The First Token of your Life” for U Network’s One-click token release function, more than 50 token ideas were submitted. Eventually, the team selected 18 tokens and conducted community voting. Among them, the Politics token (PT) issued by community member Rahul was the most popular.

As the Mainnet UStart is launched, one-click token release function was successfully deployed to the smart contracts. All 18 tokens including Politicstoken (PT) can actually flow on the U Network’s Mainnet. Everyone can release tokens at U Network, and the technical team will test it more to ensure its security and stability. In addition to ensuring the operation of one-click token release, one-click deployment of smart contracts, one-click deployment of UUU layers, and one-click install DApp function are also under development.

U Network’s one-click functions deliver the fastest exchange from information transfer to value transfer, which is the first step in building U Network’s content infrastructure.

Mainnet UStart

After 600+ Commits, Github UStart codes have been fully loaded online, and everyone can now deploy and test the Mainnet. UStart TPS has reached over 2000 TPS during testing, surpassing Ethereum and solving the performance problems faced by the blockchain content industry. U Network TPS still has huge room for improvement, which has laid a solid foundation for the decentralized content products to come.

In addition to solving the performance issues, the Mainnet UStart also solves the issue of Ethereum gas mechanism and high gas costs. On UStart, the transfer fee and DApp operating cost are free.

U Network has successfully deployed smart contracts. This version of UVM 0.1 is fully compatible with Ethernet’s EVM. All Ethereum DApps can be deployed on U Network Mainnet. The content pricing layer, the content reward layer, and moderation&governance layer that the community expects are also being designed and developed.

As Mainnet Ustart is launched, the team decided to keep UUU as ERC20 at this time. The community will be notified of the token migration details.

The Mainnet Ustart and one-click functions enable content creators, developers and entrepreneurs to create their own token system quickly, stable and securely in the U Network ecosystem. The transfer of token will involve the U Network wallet, exchange, and other platforms.

Wallet and Exchange

On the launch of Mainnet Ustart, we will provide the basic version of the browser and wallet for community members to use.

We decided to host use the wallet and browser as a start and hold developer contests for UUU browsers, wallets, and other content infrastructure and content protocol layer. This is also the first developer contest held by U Network. More details will be posted to the community.

UUU is already traded on exchanges Huobi Global, Bibox, HitBTC, Dex.top, IDEX, etc. and will be added to more exchanges and supported by more wallets, making it one of the most widely traded cryptocurrency.

We will also be prepared to allow more exchanges to support the tokens from UUU Swap and U Network Tokens.

The key to giving UUU more application scenarios and make U Network eco partners gain community support is the DApps created by U Network team.


U Network platform currently has two DApps, and more DApps will be built on U Network Mainnet.

Every U Network DApp will be focused on content related. Starting from the two DApps that U Network team has developed, in terms of market selection, UGot was initially targeted at the English market, and ChongDong community was targeted at the Chinese market.

UGot can provide the service of community UGC English content creation for each ecological partner, distribute the tokens to the core users through the algorithm, and achieve the “Proof of Creation” in the content field.

Aiming to be the best technical content learning community in China, ChongDong community can provide partners with technical content and a platform that attracts Chinese developers.

You’ll find that ChongDong community and UGot have helped a lot in building the most powerful infrastructure in the content world.

U Network enables each ecological partner to quickly acquire overseas and Chinese markets.

U Network’s Mainnet, one-click functions, wallet and exchange, DApps, etc. form the entire U Network’s content infrastructure, creating a one-stop service for the creation, circulation, and application of tokens.

The value of each token is inseparable from the consensus of the community.

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Create a Global Decentralized Content Community

U Network has been focusing on the UGC field of content since its creation, and will always keep UGC as the main content focus. The essence of UGC is that every user can create content, combining with U Network’s concept that content equals assets, everyone can create more personal and valuable content assets. We need to create a global decentralized content community so that everyone can participate in U Network’s revolution of the content industry.

The UUU community has been established for 200 days, with nearly 70,000 UGC content in Telegram, and more than 10,000 discussions per month among community members. U Network team decided to reward the community contributors and activists from the past 200 days, and record them on permanent blocks as community honor.

After careful selection by U Network team, we chose the top 5 UUU community contributors and will get UUU reward. We will also select another 100 UGC stars. These 105 community members will be permanently recorded in the U Network Mainnet block.

Top 5 UGC community contributors: (-Name: Reasons)

-Adam: Telegram admin / Present in Blockshow Europe 2018

-Trevor: Telegram admin / secret project (Beta launch soon)

-Owen: VR DApps / U Network Design / U Network Hive

-Nick: UGot Star

-Katakoto: persistent Japanese translation of U Network content

Besides UGC content community, we will also launch U Network technical community. We are also very happy to use Discord as the base of our technical community after creating the official Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit accounts.

Here is the U Network official Discord:

We will officially open our development technology community with Mainnet UStart Bug Bounty, and more details will be announced later.

More people are welcome to join our team and our community to build content infrastructure and create a decentralized content community.

Thanks again to all community members and partners for their support, and everything is about to begin.

U Network

U Network is a decentralized content asset storage…

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