Unfold is looking for active members to help promote diversity in immersive tech!

Hey Everyone!

As you might know Luciana and I have been working a lot on actions to support and facilitate inclusion and diversity in VR/AR/Immersive Tech.

Now we need your help to make this happen and make our plans a reality.

We are looking for:

  • Communication manager
    Help us manage Unfold online presence and take over of our social media and upcoming newsletter.
  • Partnership manager
    Support the development of Unfold and help us get partners of upcoming exciting events as well as get access to discounted tickets and/Or speaking opportunities for the community
  • Content Curator
    As you can see we started an Unfold Medium publication! We know the community has a lot to say and we’d love everyone to be able to use this channel to talk about their journey, challenges, or share their experience. The Content Curator will help us manage the publications and coordinate writers and articles.

Interested in getting involved? Why not become one of our Ambassador?

We are opening an Ambassador programme for anyone interested in getting involved in Unfold. 
1. Find a project, opportunity or other you would like to lead with us 
2. Contact us and let’s structure this together
3. We’ll be in touch regularly and support you as much as you can to conduct this project

Example of projects: 
- Organise a VR/AR introduction workshop to your school or company
- Help us organise and run our regular events and spread the word 
- Lead a creative project related to VR/AR and diversity for the community
- Conduct surveys and gather data on the VR/AR industry or on Diversity in immersive tech

This could be for you the opportunity to start your own project or get your hands on the VR/AR space.

Please make sure to get in touch with Amandine FLACHS or Luciana Carvalho Se for more details!

Discloser: all those roles are based on volunteering.

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