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A brief reflection on product development, pastime, and puffin.

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7 min readJan 20, 2020


2020! Projects are already coming thick and fast but we allow ourselves a wee look back at the projects and activities (corpspeak for parties) that made last year a blast. 2019 was about fine-tuning the marvelous machinery that had become us the year before. With new offices, people and expertise in place we’re now able to properly approach projects in a broader and deeper sense than ever before. This led to some of our best work yet within strategy, branding, design, technology and copy.


This brand new service (and brand!) for OBOS is built around the needs of the 500 000 residents that live in their housing cooperatives to communicate with each other. For the first time ever, residents can register on a shared digital platform to stay updated on everything that’s going on where they live. Our long-term goal is to make cooperative living simpler and better than ever before, and the first version of Vibbo we launched in 2019 is only the beginning.

Real Estate Agent Krogsveen’s goal is to make it as easy as possible to buy, sell and move property. To make this strategy come to life we collected all 13 of their previous digital and analog single service offerings on the brand new Krogsveen.no. Now you can check, track and update the value of your property in one place, in addition to ordering a host of realtor services with the click of a button.

We’ve partnered with Harvest for a long time, so when they merged with Sector Management and launched multiple new investment options it was time to update their brand and user experience. Harvest lets everyone get access to advanced investment tools and strategies, and makes investing and managing your funds easy breezy.

Anton Sport
We’re just one year short of a decade’s partnership with Anton Sport, during which 20 % of the Greater Oslo Region’s population have signed up to become Anton Club members. This year saw numerous iterations to their e-commerce platform, where it’s now easier than ever to browse, choose, check out, and collect your club points.

We’ve learned a lot from our users since we launched Styrerommet for OBOS, and this year we took all our learnings and majorly reworked the housing cooperative management tool for the better. With a brand new, task-focused dashboard it’s never been easier to stay on top of what’s happening. New services this year included automatically updated owner lists, an overview of vendors, managing expenditures and task delegations.

Norway’s leading union for academics in the field of science and technology teamed up with us to build a new, data-driven membership service using live data from their 80 000 members. We’re really looking forward to sharing more about this as soon as we can.

One of Oslo’s best outdoor retailers opened their second shop last year and as avid nature junkies we loved the opportunity to rebrand this iconic store. We also helped them with their e-commerce platform, starting to integrate the online and physical shopping experience under a whole new brand.

We worked with the Norwegian branch of consultancy giant BDO on pivoting their strategy and product lines to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market. The process involved mapping out changes in everything from technology and expertise, to culture and organization, as well as challenging global guidelines to deliver on local customer needs.

We did a lot of great work for others this year but we also took the time to really look ourselves in the mirror. A lot has changed since we set up shop 8 years ago and our brand no longer reflected who we are and what we do now. It took a lot of team effort to get a new identity and website over the line but in the end, we’re extremely satisfied. Seeing the new logo come to life in the office entrance puts a smile on our faces.


We have a really specific work:fun ratio that we’re very serious about, and boy did we manage to keep to it this year as well. Some highlights.

  • The spring sunshine brought with it a fully furnished new office, and it was finally time to boot up the DJ booth, install a gin bar and party the night away with a few hundred of our closest friends :’)
  • We put on our skis and went to the mountains for a long-weekend in Hafjell, including the obligatory après-ski shenanigans.
  • We went flying in an air tunnel. None were prepared for the hilarious photo ops that presented themselves.
  • An activity-packed summer party had us rafting down Akerselva to a sauna boat, before jumping in a Hummer limo to get to the night club. No broken bones this year added to the night’s success, and we certainly learned to dress for all occasions.
  • Film and game nights made the sofa a bit softer every month.
  • No less than 2 kids were born. Welcome, Louie and August!
  • We travelled abroad to get inspired at the Uenoland conference in New York, and Design Matters in Copenhagen.
  • Three windy and amazing nights were spent in Iceland partying at Iceland Airwaves, rejuvenating in hot springs and battling the local cuisine (but not the locals!). We had our share of puffin, and will from now on most likely only interact with it through binoculars. Love you Reykjavik ❤
  • Our office entered the twilight zone between Winter Wonderland and Las Vegas Casino for our Christmas party, where we gambled away our hard-earned cash and danced into the new decade.
  • We also took home a few awards: Gold in Products and Services at Gulltaggen, and the IxDA award for outstanding interaction design and user experience. All the work had already been done when we got these so we thought they’d fit in nicely on the list of fun.
Photo by Alex Asensi


There’s definitely room for more talented people at these parties (ahem, projects), so if you’d like to work with us please get in touch! There are currently a few positions open. If you don’t find your field of expertise on the list but think you’d be a good fit, send us an email nonetheless.

Our first event of the year will be the official afterparty to the DOGA award for design and architecture on January 22nd, so if you want to get to know us better do stop by for a chat/drink/dance in the evening.

We’ll be hosting more events throughout the year, so sign up to our newsletter to get notified, or follow us on Facebook.

May the decade be with you.



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