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Current State of Development (October 3rd 2018) — our position in our roadmap.

This blog series shows what we are currently working on. It will give you some insights on specific questions we are dealing with right now and also on our overall progress.

The last blog entries gave some details on specific framework components, like the Connector or the Explorer, as well as on our scaled agile development approach.

This time we will focus on the Unibright Roadmap, and check on how the current progress fits into our plans.

In our roadmap we have stated clear plans for Q4 2018, meaning the months from October to December: We want to provide “Beta versions of the Workflow Designer, Lifecycle Manager, Explorer and Connector” and want to present the first “pilot customers using the Unibright Framework”.

We are in contact with several pilot customer candidates, and are very positive to be able to present the first success stories within the next weeks. As soon as we have something official to tell and showcase, we will let you know.

For now, let’s dive into some details of the “beta version” / Framework demo

First of all the term “beta version” is a bit blurry. In our understanding it means that all framework parts are functional, published, tested, quality assured and useable. Still they are not the “final” version we aim for when being “product ready” (planned in our roadmap for 2019). So perhaps there still might be some bugs, some compatibility issues (e.g. applications not behaving the same way in all browsers) and also some refactoring tasks that have to go through testing again.

As we do not want to hide anything, we will publish the beta version as a public demo! The user will be able to pick a template, do a visual design, automatically create and publish a smart contract and work on this process by using our “email-to-blockchain” smart adapter. The complete process can be monitored by the Unibright Explorer.

Before we will release the demo, our 16 developers have to put some work on:

  • some final tasks on the smart contract generation, including preparation of the code for external auditing
  • integrating all framework parts into a cloud based architecture (MS Azure) to have a runtime environment for the demo
  • ensuring proper authentication handling across all framework parts
  • working on explanatory texts for our “guided tour” and “help mode”
  • working on a video tutorial for those who do not want to try our framework by themselves
  • Test, test, test :-)

As promised, we will release the demo in Q4, and (as we like to be ahead of our roadmap) as soon as possible. We will keep you posted!




Unibright is a team of blockchain architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes integration. We offer Baseledger — The Blockchain for Baselining, Consulting, Low-Code-Integration Tools, programmable DeFi within our UBT-Token ecosystem.

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Framework for Blockchain-based business integration. https://unibright.io/

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