Freequity Update: NFT, Meta(l)verse, AI Music and Baseledger
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3 min readApr 1, 2022

Since 2019, we have been offering Unibright Freequity, our 360° tokenization and DeFi platform. With Unibright Ventures, we are now part of the joint-venture “Metalverse”, which brings AI generated metal and rock music into the world of NFTs. This blog post sums up the recent developments, which directly find their way into Freequity and Baseledger.

NFTs and Freequity

NFTs are a natural part of Freequity, as a potential output of our code-generated token issuing. With NFTs, it is even more important to optimize the code of the smart contract representing the non-fungible token in terms of

  • gas costs for creation, minting and transfer,
  • security in the minting-process,
  • additional features that represent the utility of the NFT (is it a ticket? a voucher? a representation of copyrights?)
  • proper integration into platforms and marketplaces.

Our code generation tools (which also are used in the Unibright Framework) have been extended to enable NFT smart contract generation of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards.

Also, the integration of media production tools is vital when generating larger sets of NFT collections. The Freequity code generation engine now includes interfaces and integrations with the Adobe Creative Cloud (with products like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects) and with Media Production Systems like Steinberg Nuendo and ProTools.

Unibright and AI Music: NFTs in the Metalverse

With Unibright Ventures, we participate in a joint venture with German entertainment group “Twisted Talent”, which is working as booking agency, streaming provider and production group with artists from Rock to K-Pop and with the leading record companies, festivals and publishers worldwide.

The joint venture is called Metalverse and is currently building a Metaverse for bringing AI Rock & Metal Bands to life. Metalverse is expanding the boundaries of AI Music and is supporting and including hard rocking real life artists as well.

Users can participate in the evolving future history of the virtual bands, can vote on how the AI should compose the next part, track or albums and can even have their own, individual AI generated “Metal-Hymn” connected to their Metalverse-NFTs.

The complete DAPP development, the minting smart contract and the interface to the AI Music Platform was developed by Unibright after a workshop that was kicked-off in October 2021. All the developed components directly found their way into the Unibright Freequity Platform and are available for other NFT platforms with unique content.

Metalverse is still “work in progress”, and shows the famous “coming soon…” label, but the Twitter account is already active and also shows a first teaser with AI generated music:

NFTs and Baseledger

In context of Baseline, tokenization is the elementary concept to provide decentralized finance applications to enterprises. We introduced our definition of Enterprise DeFi already in 2020: “Enterprise DeFi is a technique of techniques, applied on tokenized assets, building upon business objects whose exchange reached a certain level of trust. Enterprise DeFi starts in an off-chain system and transforms values into a blockchain based representation.”

With Baseledger, where the Mainnet just reached production state and went live, the stage is now literally set to include NFT related transactions in baselined processes, at low and predictable costs and with enterprise grade service quality.

The Metalverse joint-venture, as a Baseledger customer, is a perfect example where NFTs with a clear consumer orientation (and even gamification elements) will touch the enterprise world: Revenue streams between virtual bands, the composing engine, streaming providers, live event organizations and basically all underlying transfers of (shared) copyrights and creative decisions inside Metalverse will be notarized on Baseledger.

We will NOT limit NFT usage to the enterprise world, but also actively leverage the personal history of Unibright co-founder and CTO Stefan for NFTs in the music and media space.

About Unibright: Unibright is a team of blockchain specialists, architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes and integration. Unibright offers Consulting with Unibright Solutions, Low-Code-Integration Tools with the Unibright Framework, programmable DeFi with Unibright Freequity, and the Universal Business Token UBT. Unibright is engaged in the Baseline Protocol, offers Baseledger as a solution to orchestrate and trust-enhance B2B processes and offers ERP-Blockchain-integration with Partners like Concircle.