Unibright: Softcap of 2.2 Million USD reached!

Apr 7, 2018 · 3 min read

Opening for US Investors
Presale closing, crowdsale on April 20th
Pegging ETH to 450 USD!

Unibright reaches the Softcap!

We are happy to announce that we already exceeded our Softcap of 2.2 Million USD during presale! This means our complete Unibright vision will definitely become reality and we start scheduling further development and preparing the next milestones according to our roadmap right now!

Thank you all who participated and spread the word about Unibright!

Opening for US Investors!

With things really moving fast in the crypto scene, we now have the clear option on offering our Token to the US market as well, at least to accredited investors. We got these positive news just one day after our presale started, and we now try to put everything up together with our lawyers as fast as possible!

The US market is really huge, not only in terms of Crypto, but foremost when it comes to business integration. Both potential customers and business software partners would provide a clear benefit to the Unbright Framework and future outlook of the company and we sure want to take the opportunity to address this market with our Token Launch!

Start of Crowdsale: April 20th 2018

To ensure the right allocations for potential US investors, the technical setup for a dedicated web wallet software and the legal preparation, we will postpone the Crowdsale for ten days to start on April 20th.

Pegging ETH<>USD at 450 USD and BTC<>USD at 7.000 USD!

We decided to peg the ETH<>USD conversion rate within our sale to 450 USD (BTC<> USD at 7.000 USD). (*)

What does that mean?

You can contribute to Unibright at any time and after the token launch we will calculate as if you contributed with an ETH price of 450 USD and will send you the additional tokens to your wallet for free! If you contributed at a time the ETH price was higher than 450 USD then you will of course get tokens for this higher price. (*)

What does it mean for the presale participants?

All participants of the presale and public sale will get additional tokens, based on their contributed amount! So if you already contributed, we will recalculate the number of Unibright tokens you get, and send you additional tokens at the end of the sale!

Why do we do that?

With the crypto market struggling, many people are unsure if contributing to project now is a good idea or not. We do not want to postpone our crowdsale until market got better again. We already reached our softcap — and want to focus working on our Framework!

We also do not want the postponing of the crowdsale due to the US market opening to be of any disadvantage to our early adopters, taking part in the presale. That’s why we fixed the price slightly above the average price during the whitelist opening times.

The pegging will of course also apply during crowdsale!

(*) If the average ETH price during the crowdsale (to be calculated after the token launch) will be below 300 USD, we will peg the price to 300 USD.If the individual contributing price was above the pegged price, the higher individual price will be taken! BTC prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Presale closing on April 8th, 8 pm German Time

The presale is still open and will be closed on April 8th, 8 pm German Time.

All the best, your Unibright Team!


Unibright offers a unified framework bringing blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage.


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Framework for Blockchain-based business integration. https://unibright.io/


Unibright offers a unified framework bringing blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage.

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