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Unibright’s 2018 recap and 2019 outlook

2018 has been a very exciting year for all those in the blockchain space. We at Unibright have been involved in so many ideas, plans, developments, parts of evolution, trends, expectations, surprises, (some) disappointments and (many) opportunities, that we can hardly believe all this has happened in just one year. We want to have a short recap and an outlook on 2019.

2018 recap

1 In Q1 2018, we worked on our framework prototypes while preparing the token launch. We learned that preparing an ICO takes about 14 hours of your daily time for about half a year — which is great — so you still have 4–6 hours a day to work on your product! ;-)We traveled the world to showcase Unibright on conferences from London to Dubai and built up a great and loyal community.

2 In Q2 2018, we had our token sale and successfully sold out all tokens after a few days at the beginning of May. We scaled up our team quickly, right after having reached our softcap, and presented a first walkthrough of our tools. Besides, we cleared on a lot of legal stuff around our token being listed on exchanges, and worked on our partnerships with Microsoft and Zühlke, hosting Hackathons and business events. We scaled up our team on the marketing side, established an Ambassador program and did great progress on development.

3 In Q3 2018, we hosted a Hackathon with Lufthansa and brought the Unibright Token to Liquid and Cryptopia. We established new partnerships with Tolar and NEM (certified). From the development side we spent a lot of time in developing new templates and also integrating additional protocols like EOS into the Unibright Framework.

4 In Q4 2018, it was all about bringing the public beta of the Unibright Framework to live. After our live premiere at a meetup in Belgrade, we published walkthroughs to showcase a multi-party-approval process and a SAP integration within the Unibright framework and opened the beta to the public in December. The second big focus of Q4 was to work on pilot projects and proof-of-concepts. We talked to many clients, from small startups to worldwide enterprises, of which our exciting collaboration with DBVertrieb (Deutsche Bahn) is documented in detail in our blog.

2019 outlook

The major work in 2019 will be building up on what we did in 2018. We will of course continue to develop our framework. Software is never “finished”, so do not expect a “production ready” version (the Unibright framework can already be used now!) to be the final version of a product — we will be continuously adding more features, more use-case-templates and more blockchain protocols.

To bring enterprises closer to Blockchain, we decided to establish a dedicated blockchain consulting branch within the Unibright company and launched a dedicated website for it — unibright.solutions. Our idea is to fill the gap between the adoption of blockchain as a technology and the use of our unified framework — and not leave this space to the big consulting companies in this world. You can read more about this strategy in our dedicated blogpost about this.

This will also bring new customers to the Unibright platform, another big goal for 2019. As we learned, that not all enterprises want to be part of a marketing story around using a new software, we decided to feature a new widget on our website. Here, we are showing how many Tokens are currently locked inside the platform by different customers, even if they want to stay anonymous. Our goal is to have more and more customers on the platform, be it by directly using our framework or working with us on a blockchain workshop beforehand.

It is all about building ecosystems — and Unibright is the perfect tool to do so!

Marten (CEO) and Stefan (CTO), founders of Unibright

Thank you for your interest in Unibright, for following our channels and updates, for asking questions, making introductions and spreading the word about blockchain and Unibright!

Unibright offers a unified framework, bringing blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage. With its “no-coding-needed” approach, smart contracts get generated, deployed and updated automatically into different blockchains. Unibright works with visual, usecase-related templates and also automatically integrates existing IT systems into the blockchain.

Unibright Solutions, a dedicated consulting branch to support blockchain use in business processes, was additionally launched in December 2018.

More information on Unibright: https://unibright.io
Unibright Blockchain Consulting Services:



Unibright is a team of blockchain architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes integration. We offer Baseledger — The Blockchain for Baselining, Consulting, Low-Code-Integration Tools, programmable DeFi within our UBT-Token ecosystem.

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