Unibright’s 2021 Recap and 2022 Outlook

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4 min readDec 31, 2021


2021 has been a very eventful year for us at Unibright. Working in the enterprise blockchain space since 2017, 2021 clearly showed how technology, projects, parties and initiatives we have been working with are coming together. The main result of that development is definitely Baseledger, our biggest achievement in 2021 and also the major task for the months to come.
We want to have a short recap and an outlook on 2022.

2021 recap

1In Q1 2021, we presented the Freequity Integration into Hedera’s Tokenization Service. Our DeFi components and solutions play an even bigger role if you look at them in the context of Baseline, where tokenized assets can be a direct outcome of baselined processes, for example in tokenized invoices. To ensure the availability of Baseline concepts for enterprise usage, we presented Baseledger, our own blockchain for Baselining, using UBT as the Universal Business Token.

2In Q2 2021, we focused on what we are best at: Buidling, Buidling, Buidling. Our developer team built Baseledger with usage of the Cosmos SDK, on top of a Tendermint consensus layer. The development included the blockchain layer, proxy layers to connect ERP systems to Baseledger, visual monitoring components like the Baseledger Explorer and also our own, dedicated synchronization tools like TrustMesh.

3In Q3 2021, we opened our Benelux office, to be closer to many potential clients looking for supply chain optimization and to European regulators and institutions. This materialized into a collaboration with the European Investment Fund EIF, where Unibright was commissioned to deliver a Feasibility Study on the Usage of the Baseline Protocol within EIF.
The Baseledger Lakewood Testnet was launched, and conUBC, a SAP-Blockchain connector from Unibright and partner Concircle (evolving out of the Unibright Connector) was officially SAP-certified.

4In Q4 2021, we presented first results of the Baseleger Testnet operation with zero downtime. We built Baseledger demos and PoCs together with Concircle, and showcased them also publicly on conferences and meetings. A huge step towards the needed decentralization of Baseledger and UBT as the underlying Universal Business Token was achieved with the formation of the Baseledger Governance Council, with founding members like Consensys Mesh, Concircle and Finspot.

Special: Unibright VIP NFT Watches

In Q4 2022, Unibright.VIP, a community driven project initiated by Jack Wiering (also director of Unibright Benelux) raised more than 200.000 EUR for charity. 300 uniquely numbered watches, of which 200 went for sale —were represented by 5 different NFT types which had been created by 3D Design artist and NFT evangelist Paul Snijder.

All NFT related profits went into 3 different charity projects and raised media attention for NFT technology in general (and Unibright specifically) all over Europe!

2022 outlook

In 2022, the main focus will be the Baseledger Mainnet Launch in Q1 and the following Mainnet operation. All news around it will be published by the Baseledger Governance Council on baseledger.foundation.
The Mainnet launch will enhance the UBT token model to a fully functional ecosystem token — the “Universal Business Token”, and the one and only token needed inside Baseledger for Usage Fees (“Gas”), (proxy-)staking, revenue shares, rewards and grants. The token model, the Governance setup and the Mainnet launch prove the further decentralization of UBT — metrics that will be very much welcomed by enterprise players and bigger exchanges.

Furthermore, with Unibright Ventures, we will actively explore the world of NFTs. Marten and Stefan are already advising on several NFT start-ups in the space. Our collaboration with Consensys’ TreeTrunk will support our engagement in meaningful NFT projects. Here, we will NOT stop with NFT usage for the enterprise world, but also actively leverage the personal history of Unibright co-founder and CTO Stefan for NFTs in the music and media space.

It has been an exciting journey since our start in 2017, and we are happy and proud to see how far we made it, together with an ever-growing ecosystem around UBT and a great community. Be excited for 2022 — we are for sure!

Cheers from Unibright co-founders Stefan and Marten

About Unibright: Unibright is a team of blockchain specialists, architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes and integration. Unibright offers Consulting with Unibright Solutions, Low-Code-Integration Tools with the Unibright Framework, programmable DeFi with Unibright Freequity, and the Universal Business Token UBT. Unibright is engaged in the Baseline Protocol, offers Baseledger as a solution to orchestrate and trust-enhance B2B processes and offers ERP-Blockchain-integration with Partners like Concircle.