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Unibright’s and concircle’s SAP Connector conUBC officially SAP certified

Unibright partner concircle launched “conUBC”, a SAP-certified “out of the box” solution to connect individual “Blockchain as a Service” processes with SAP systems. conUBC is one of the materialized products that evolved out of the Unibright Connector and offers native Baseledger connection already now.

In 2018, Unibright showed the first version of its Unibright Connector (one component of the Unibright Framework), which enhanced an existing, productive integration platform by blockchain connection capabilities. When partnering with concircle in 2020, the Unibright Connector was merged with concircle’s workflow solution conFlow and resulted in conUBC.

conUBC was now officially certified by SAP and can be easily installed and used by all SAP clients worldwide through the SAP certified solution directory.

conUBC drives and enables the digitalization of processes and gives mobile access to critical or “fast-moving” processes. The underlying workflows are highly automated and easy to create, directly in SAP. Configuration, visual monitoring, and mapping can be maintained easily within SAP, without the need to ever leave the common user interface. conUBC leaves a “near-no” footprint in the SAP systems and needs no other architectural components.

Already now, conUBC offers a native connectivity to Baseledger and to the Baseline-as-a-Service stack of Unibright partner Provide. It is the easiest and production-ready solution to make any SAP system baseline ready. On top, conUBC is extendable to connect to other networks, protocols and DLT solutions.

The licence model of conUBC includes an initial payment in UBT, Unibright’s “universal business token”. Ongoing licencing costs are invoiced in fiat, as proposed in the initial Unibright Token Model.

About Unibright: Unibright is a team of blockchain specialists, architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes and integration. Unibright offers Consulting with Unibright Solutions, Low-Code-Integration Tools as part of the Provide Framework, programmable DeFi with Unibright Freequity, and the Universal Business Token UBT. Unibright is engaged in the Baseline Protocol, offers Baseledger as a solution to orchestrate and trust-enhance B2B processes and offers Baseline-as-a-Service through partner Provide.

About concircle: conUBC was developed by Concircle Deutschland GmbH, a 100 % subsidiary of Concircle Österreich GmbH, and is situated in Bingen am Rhein (Germany). After the foundation of concircle in 2009, more than 175 projects have been completed successfully by the experienced concircle team. concircle is a long-term SAP partner with its expertise in system integration and EDI processes.




Unibright is a team of blockchain architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes integration. We offer Baseledger — The Blockchain for Baselining, Consulting, Low-Code-Integration Tools, programmable DeFi within our UBT-Token ecosystem.

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