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Update on Workshops and Unibright Tokens (UBT)

In our December recap of 2019 and outlook on 2020, we were happy to announce that UBT tokens can now be redeemed for access to our unibright.solutions workshops. This brought additional utility to our token, aside from it being the voucher for our Unibright Framework and our Freequity tokenization products. In this blog post, we provide an update on our workshop packages and the involvement of the UBT token.

Demand for our workshops has increased significantly in recent months. Especially after the announcement of our leading role in the EEA integration taskforce EMINENT, together with Chainlink and Anyblock, we received many requests from enterprises (from start ups to established players) interested in our blockchain-business integration expertise.

These workshops are not standardized presentations on “What Is Blockchain?”, but tailor-made, process-specific workshops for the requesting company — including custom work from analysis papers to PoC (Proof-of-Concept) development.

We have decided to suspend the smallest workshop package until further notice, and have re-evaluated the value at which UBT tokens can be redeemed for access to our workshops. We strengthen our statement that we will always value our voucher higher than fiat, and will therefore give a 50% discount when using UBT tokens for our workshop packages (we uprate UBT at twice its current USD market price), until further notice. The number of tokens needed to access the Unibright Framework will not be affected by this change, and customers signing a renewal contract will still be able to renew access at a price of 0.14 USD per token.

The resulting workshop package sizes and prices for Unibright Solutions are as follows:

  • “First Touch” workshop: Suspended until further notice
  • “Deep Dive” workshops: 2.500 EUR (50% off when using UBT)
  • “Small”: 10.000 EUR (50% off when using UBT)
  • “Medium”: 50.000 EUR (50% off when using UBT)
  • “Large”: 100.000 EUR (50% off when using UBT)

The corresponding changes hold true for workshops and services within our tokenization solution Freequity and Unibright Think Tank as well:

  • “First Touch” workshop: Suspended until further notice
  • “Deep Dive” workshop Freequity: 2.500 EUR (50% off when using UBT)
  • “Deep Dive” workshop ThinkTank: 5.000 EUR (50% off when using UBT)

We have also added an “Express” option, which will give enterprises the option to move up on the list of workshops to be held, if they redeem some extra UBT for that. (+50% per workshop).

To review our framework token model in general, please check our explanatory blog post. Please note that a higher token market price incentivizes customers to go for long-term contracts — that’s exactly what we aim for, what makes total sense in the field of business integration (where processes are set up to be automated and long-lasting), and also what adds to the potential audience of Enterprise Ethereum.

We will always look for new use cases for UBT — with the goal of making UBT the “Universal Blockchain Token”!

About Unibright

Unibright is a team of blockchain specialists, architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes and integration. Unibright turn ideas into businesses, and improve processes with the help of blockchain technology.

Unibright develops enterprise solutions, invests in start-ups, builds process modelling tools and integration platforms and offers a 360° ecosystem around tokenized assets.

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Learn more by visiting the Unibright website, Twitter and Medium.




Unibright is a team of blockchain architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes integration. We offer Baseledger — The Blockchain for Baselining, Consulting, Low-Code-Integration Tools, programmable DeFi within our UBT-Token ecosystem.

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