Zühlke Engineering locks in 1.200.000 UBT for Carbonara

Jun 28, 2019 · 2 min read

On June 26th, we launched our CO2 compensation related side project “Carbonara” (carbonara.info), and described our motivation behind it in a blog entry. Alongside with the launch, Zühlke Engineering locks 1.200.000 Tokens originating from their seed investment into the Unibright platform.

Carbonara was built by Zühlke Engineers and members of the Unibright development team. As the project is open-source, it was meant to not have any direct connection to the Unibright Framework. Still, a lot of Unibright knowledge went into building it.

One of the goals of Carbonara is to raise awareness about the energy consumption of Blockchain, and encourage the development of more energy-efficient products and protocols. The 1.200.000 Tokens locked in until the End of 2020 will be used to serve future clients in building sustainable products with Blockchain Technology with the help of Zühlke and Unibright.

Philipp Harrschar, Partner and Director Business Development of Zühlke Engineering, says:

“We believe Blockchain technologies are an important foundation for future business innovations. Yet, the energy consumption of current Proof-of-Work Blockchains is a major drawback. For us at Zühlke, sustainability is a must to consider in our everyday project work.”

Stefan Grasmann, Partner and Managing Director Competence Center, adds:

“Our investment in project Carbonara is an important contribution to increase the transparency of crypto technologies in practice. The opportunity to compensate the CO2 footprint of Bitcoin transactions is a small, but important first step into a better future.
With Carbonara, we hope to incentivize sustainable behavior of people and organizations.”

Unibright is looking forward to continuing the trustful partnership with Zühlke on all levels: Business, Development, Clients and Ecosystem!

Unibright offers a unified framework, bringing blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage. With its “no-coding-needed” approach, smart contracts get generated, deployed and updated automatically into different blockchains. Unibright works with visual, usecase-related templates and also automatically integrates existing IT systems into the blockchain.

Unibright Solutions, a dedicated consulting branch to support blockchain use in business processes, was additionally launched in December 2018.

More information on Unibright: https://unibright.io
Unibright Blockchain Consulting Services:


Unibright offers a unified framework bringing blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage.

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Framework for Blockchain-based business integration. https://unibright.io/


Unibright offers a unified framework bringing blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage.

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