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Unicly V2 Launch — Airdrop Announcement

The dev team at Unicly have been working extremely hard over the last few months to write, review, and test Unicly V2. With our security audits completed, we are proud to announce that Unicly V2 has launched! More details can be found below.

As part of the launch of Unicly V2, there will be an airdrop of 10.88% of the circulating supply of UNIC (40,000 UNIC). In order to qualify for the airdrop, a user must have one of the following NFTs in their wallet:

  • BAYC
  • MAYC
  • BAKC
  • Azuki
  • CryptoPunks (Wrapped)
  • Meebits
  • MoonBirds
  • Doodles
  • Nouns

The airdrop gets claimed automatically once the user fractionalizes at least one of the above NFTs in a vault.

The airdrop will be fixed at 200 UNIC per wallet (approximately worth 1 ETH, or $2,100, at time of writing). The airdrop will last until all 40,000 UNIC have been claimed in airdrops.

Note: The UNIC token contract will remain the same

You can read more about the updates to Unicly v2 here: https://docs.unic.ly/

The main changes are as follows:

  1. NFTs within vaults can be un-fractionalized individually. This happens when someone bids above the “trigger price”, which is set by the vault creator. When a trigger price is bid, it kicks off an auction.
  2. When an NFT is auctioned off, the proceeds (in ETH) go back into the vault. Fraction holders are entitled their pro rata shares of these proceeds.
  3. Fractions are burnable, and holders can exit any time with their cut of the ETH in the vault. Nobody can be held hostage. For example, if you own 10% of the vault’s fractions, you can burn them at any time to claim 10% of the ETH in the vault.

With the above changes, we believe that we have solved the main problem of fractionalization:

  1. Fractions can truly reflect the value of the NFTs within the vault.
  2. You can fairly fractionalize and unfractionalize NFTs of different types and rarities.

We see several places where Unicly V2 can play a big role in the NFT ecosystem:

  • DAO tooling: Unicly V2 vaults will be a perfect way for DAOs to have a permissionless way of managing their NFT assets, and share the upside with each of their members.
  • NFT launches: Unsold/unminted NFTs for new launches could be added into a vault, and fractions could be given to all holders (or kept in a treasury) for future use.
  • Financial NFTs: Unicly V2 is the best way to provide liquid markets for all sorts of financial NFTs.
  • Integrations: Unicly V2 could be used as the backend technology for many NFT protocols (especially for lending/borrowing).

We are excited to see how the community will use Unicly V2 and build on top of it! See you on Unicly soon.



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