Eliminate a good bunch of your stress with one simple change.

Stress. I understand it’s impact on my health. I’m sure you’ve read many a article on how lowering is the single greatest thing you can do for your health. I find this fact totally stressful! Managing stress is complicated and sigh…stressful.

I’m not really an overly stressed person. I’m fairly laid back, but life does catch up with me, especially now that I’m a mom and my career continues to grow, and my midlife ‘need to hurry and do all the things’ gets stronger, and I know lots of people to do cools stuff with and I say yes most of the time, and I should find more time for my health but all these other things just seem more important and make me happier, and my extended family isn’t always doing that great, and what’s going on in this country, in this world! A bunch of personal stuff I don’t feel like sharing, did I mention I’m a brown woman in tech?, my dog and cat are totally neglected and I have maybe 5 unfinished books by my bed. Even laid back me needs to find ways to reduce stress and yesterday I realize that I naturally do something that really really really helps and I’m going to do it more.

The secret to reducing stress is to show up early everywhere, everytime.

I know adding the thought of trying to be early may sound stressful, especially to you “I’m always late.” folks, but hear me out. When you leave 30 mins earlier than you normally would the world is a completely different place.

You can walk slower and breath more deeply.

The people on the road or however you travel aren’t obstructions in your path that easily trigger anger and cursing, they are people and they are fun to watch.

You don’t have to go through all the of scenarios of how you will explain, makeup, recover from being late.

You can decide to make a stop on your way, taking care of an errand that would stress you out later.

You can meditate once you arrive.

You can walk around and explore.

You can practice or prepare for what you are about to do.

Your blood pressure test will be more accurate for once because didn’t just run in off the street.

If your kids are with you they will be happier.

You can meet someone one new.

You won’t drive recklessly.

You won’t get sweaty or mess up your clothing.

You’ll feel relaxed and more confident when you walk into the room.

You can play a game on your phone or finish that podcast.

You can stop apologizing.

You can breath.

Try it. Choose to leave/arrive 30 mins early to EVERYTHING for a week.

You’ll feel amazing. The stress will fall away. It’ll be dramatic. You’ll notice more, get more done and connect more meaningfully, with more people. I promise.

If you try it, report back. Drop a note or a voice memo.

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