UniDAG project UPDATING. Bounty campaign

This article is an audit of participants for the Bounty campaign.

Hello dear members of the bounty campaign of the UniDAG project!

A few figures:

  • No participant in the Signature campaign
  • No article in the Blog/Media campaign
  • All three approved WP translations are ready
  • 86 participants of the Twitter campaign
  • 67 participants of the FaceBook campaign

In connection with the complete update and reformatting of the project, upon completion of the first stage of the campaign bounty, it will be stopped.

All participants who fulfilled their obligations (https://goo.gl/E4ecuK) will be rewarded with ERC-20 UniDAG tokens (UDAG)


in the specified amount by rules.

Amounts will be transferred within a week after the publication of this article.

After completion of the project update and official announcement, each UDAG token holder


will be able to exchange them for “new” project tokens according to the conditions of exchange, which will be posted on the official resources of the project a week before the start of the exchange, which will last for a limited time. We strongly recommend subscribing to our newsletter (http://eepurl.com/dyeGOb), so as not to miss the period of swap of old tokens for new.

You will be able to find your ETH-address and the amount of the UDAG reward in the updated distribution list (https://goo.gl/E4ecuK)

We apologize for this situation and thank you for your work!

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