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New Hire: Ryan Gibson

Ryan brings with him 3 years of international client services practice for organizations such as Marriott, Direct IT, and Outward Bound. He is experienced in forming mutually beneficial relationships across cultures. He has worked in a number of different countries such as Spain, Argentina, and Costa Rica. Ryan is extremely excited to familiarize himself with the Unido community and dive into this amazing project.

To help introduce Ryan into our community, we conducted a short interview with him please enjoy!

I am fascinated by how the Unido community and stakeholders are so excited about the product and industry. This is an exciting time in the realm of decentralized finance. It really feels as if people are ready for a large-scale change in the way we look at the finance industry.

I am looking forward to the Unido EP community launch. I am eager to receive feedback from the community so we can continue to develop and get better as an organization. At the same time, I am eager about the growth of the Unido ecosystem and how it will to continue to evolve along with the industry.

A major part of my position is to optimize communication with internal and external parties, while keeping projects organized. I really enjoy being in constant communication with clients and my coworkers keeping things transparent and flowing. In short, I am looking to make everyone’s life easier. Lastly, I am eager to learn a lot from the Unido team as it consists of an outstanding group of professionals with a vast array of experience and knowhow.

I think Unido will literally be on the moon. I reckon we will get there by Elon Musk’s rocket ship. On a more serious note, I really see Unido being continually adopted by SME and its core multisig technology being widely used by others in the crypto asset management industry.

First and foremost, I would to thank the community for their continued support and excitement about Unido. Also, I would like to congratulate them on being on the forefront of this movement. Big things are coming and I can’t wait to see how this community grows and evolves with Unido.

Unido offers enterprise-level crypto self-custody solutions for SMEs, sophisticated corporations and institutions that want to leap into crypto, invest in DeFi and provide crypto access to their customers.

Our technology is based on a state-of-the-art fragmented private key-signing engine that enables enterprises to distribute transaction signing at the blockchain level. That, combined with our user-friendly dashboard and point-and-click business tools, provides enterprises with the level of corporate governance workflow and security they require to confidently do business on the blockchain.

Unido EP takes the complexity and expense out of digital asset management for organizations with sophisticated corporate governance needs. Our patented, end-to-end platform seamlessly automates corporate governance and self-custody of crypto assets so you can securely store, manage and invest in crypto without massive overheads.

Unido EP comes with a web-based dashboard and a decentralized application (dApp) featuring a robust set of DeFi tools, easy-to-set-up authority regimes and iron-clad security. All of this is inside a complete digital asset management platform, built with financial institutions in mind but tailor-made for any organization or individual’s needs.

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Built on Polkadot and powered by $UDO token, Unido is building enterprise-grade solutions to give institutions better access to DeFi Markets.