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Unido Expands Partnership with Marnotaur (Formerly 5x Margin Tool)

Extended Partnership to Bring Even More Campaigns and DeFi Money-Making Opportunities to Both of Our Communities!

Unido is excited to announce we are extending our partnership with Marnotaur (Formerly 5x Margin Tool) to bring even more money-making opportunities and campaigns to both Unido-ers, and Marnotaur communities!

In the coming weeks, Unido will be joining forces with Marnotaur to provide our community several fun campaigns (NFTs, contests, Etc.) as well as DeFi rewards earning opportunities!

Unido-ers, make sure to strap yourself in and get ready to explore a brave new world of NFTs, exciting games, and immersive contests! Most importantly, there’s a good chance you can win some handsome rewards in a competition like you have never seen before!

We have something huge planned with Marnotaur coming soon and it has something to do with their private sale round, so keep an eye out for an official announcement! 😉

Got your attention? Good! Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these fantastic opportunities in the coming weeks by making sure you follow our Twitter and Telegram now!

Unido & Marnotaur Partnership

Unido’s partnership with Marnotaur offers our clients a robust set of leverage trading tools and the ability to increase exposure when investing in liquidity pools. Financial investors will often utilize 3rd party leverage to increase their exposure to an asset class without increasing their own starting capital. Incorporating Marnotaur into Unido’s Enterprise Platform will mean crypto investing can now mirror traditional finance approaches to maximizing return on digital assets.

In return, Marnotaur will implement a new decentralized security framework and our patented fragmented key technology to their platform and offer their users a full tech stack of security.

Our partnership will also allow us to reach new capital markets, professional traders, and large-scale investors and institutions together and bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi.

Get ready to enter a new planet of exciting NFT characters, games and contests, exciting rewards and a ‘competition like never before’. More announcements are planned with Marnotaur in the coming weeks. If you don’t want to miss these opportunities, follow us on our Twitter and Telegram.

Unido, the Gateway for Enterprise and Financial Investors to Enter into Crypto

Asset managers and their investment committees require corporate governance over their AUM, and by partnering with Unido and their patented distributed key signing technology (ensuring the highest level of security available over digital assets), Marnotaur will expand its client base into the professional asset management segment, substantially increasing both Marnotaur’s and Unido’s market reach. Unido was selected for its decentralized security framework and market-leading fragmented key security.

What is a Marnotaur?

‘Marnotaur’ combines ‘Margin’ and ‘Minotaur’ and comes from Ancient Greek mythology where a minotaur lives inside a maze. Marnotaur is designed to multiply users’ income by allowing them to enter capital markets with a minimum deposit and exit trades with solid profit potential.

About Marnotaur

Marnotaur is a liquidity protocol committed to providing investors and traders with the best possible conditions to earn profit in the DeFi market. It’s a cross-chain system offering the ability to create your liquidity pools with any assets.





About Unido

Unido offers a suite of crypto custody solutions for enterprises and institutions based on a state-of-the-art fragmented private key signing engine, allowing distributed transaction signing at the blockchain level and providing a corporate governance framework over crypto ownership.

This level of corporate governance workflow and security technology is needed by sophisticated organizations to confidently leap crypto, augmented with a Defi investing dashboard to make earning a yield on digital assets a point-and-click activity.







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