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Unido Partners with LGCY Network

We are excited to announce that Unido has partnered with LGCY Network, combining Unido’s unique enterprise-oriented cryptocurrency management and Defi platform with LGCY Network’s open-source blockchain protocol. Together, Unido and LGCY are making the cryptocurrency market more accessible for enterprises.

Users of the LGCY enterprise client will benefit from Unido’s secure multi-signature wallet technology. The pairing is set to accommodate an incoming wave of institutional investors who are resorting to blockchain and cryptocurrencies amid current inflation worries.

LGCY Network is a Layer 1 decentralized network, that uses a delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm for better scalability. It will now feature a white-label version of Unido’s wallet where users can store their tokens securely. The network’s growing community of developers will also make use of Unido’s Core API to build decentralized applications designed for enterprise solutions.

Through this strategic partnership, LGCY will become a better option for the growing market of crypto-native enterprises that are already looking for solutions that provide all-in-one services that include custody as well as interoperability with today’s leading DeFi applications. On the other hand, Unido will count on a new user base through LGCY’s use of its API services.

Both teams commented on the partnership:

“LGCY and UNIDO are excited to announce that both platforms will be working together to deliver the security of the Unido EP multi-sig platform to LGCY enterprise clients users. The integration of the LGCY blockchain into the Unido platform will be completed as LGCY approaches mainnet launch.”

About LGCY

LGCY Network is a Layer 1, proof-of-stake, decentralized network. Capable of handling over 10.000 transactions per second at an average cost of 0,01$ per transaction. LGCY started off as a TRON fork and seeks to solve current scalability issues in popular blockchains and deliver on the promise of a truly decentralized blockchain. The platform counts on a fast-growing developer community.

About Unido

Unido is an enterprise platform for decentralized capital markets. Unido enables enterprises to seamlessly manage their crypto assets through an enterprise-grade platform with a suite of DeFi and crypto banking management tools.

Led by a highly experienced team from Macquarie Bank, Wipro, Coca-Cola, and Goldman Sachs, Unido is the first enterprise-grade asset management platform being built on Polkadot and features native apps, already available in the App Store.

Incubated by the team behind AllianceBlock, SpiderDAO, and Bridge Mutual, and supported by Strategic Partner, DuckDAO, Unido is launching their $UDO token on February 26, 2021.

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Unido is an enterprise platform for decentralized capital markets, built on Polkadot and powered by $UDO token. Learn more at: www.unido.us

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Built on Polkadot and powered by $UDO token, Unido is building enterprise-grade solutions to give institutions better access to DeFi Markets.

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