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Unido’s Monthly Recap — August 2021 | BSC, NFT Contests and More!

August proved to be an exceptional month for the growth of the overall Unido ecosystem, with multiple positive developments the team was able to deliver over the past 31 days.

Let’s take a closer look into the key accomplishments and milestones we have delivered this past month in detail:

Unido Launches on PancakeSwap

We are excited to bring Unido to Binance Smart Chain with our newest liquidity pair now trading on PancakeSwap — $wUDO. Unido has further partnered with AllianceBlock to utilize their AllianceBridge to allow Unido-ers to easily swap their Ethereum ERC-20 $UDO into the BSC ecosystem, bringing a new blockchain to our community and solidifying the partnership between us.

What this means: As the Ethereum mainnet becomes bottlenecked by increasing demand for NFT minting and buying, the community asked us for a faster, cheaper blockchain to transact their UDO. Our new liquidity pair on PancakeSwap V2, $wUDO/$USDC provides exactly that, a blockchain that makes it easier and more cost-effective to swap, mine, and transact on the Binance ecosystem.

$UDO BSC Contract Address: 0x70802af0ba10dd5bb33276b5b37574b6451db3d9

PancakeSwap Pool info: https://pancakeswap.finance/info/pool/0x380c545437ba0b7aa9bb3366113c03c38d9313af

Unido Gives Partial Compensation Back to Chainswap Hack Affected Users

Unido is happy to announce that we have begun making those affected by the Chainswap hack whole again by offering a partial 40% compensation back to their original holdings. Although Unido bears no responsibility to replace the hacked tokens, we value our community. We will always ensure we take care of all our investors, partners, team members, and those interested in joining our community.

What this means: Unido is now airdropping the new Binance Smart Chain $UDO to the wallets currently holding the now-defunct tokens on a 1:1 basis. The tokens from the hack have been rendered useless, and no further consideration will be given to them. The new airdrop tokens ticker will be $wUDO on PancakeSwap, where a new trading pair has been opened by the team for trading, mining, and swapping. The new $wUDO has been airdropped to the old Chainswap wallet holders- no claim process is required.

txid: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x09bb21d988c6cc71c3c4bf6cb40ca6c32a105ea625e4363d8de6eeec36dc4726

*Please add the new contract address in this article to your wallet to confirm your balance.

Unido Unifarm Update

Community members mining $UDO on Unifarm can now flip their staked tokens to our new ticker on the Binance Smart Chain: $wUDO. For the $UDO currently staked in the Unifarm pool, we will airdrop the replacement tokens directly into the pool, and Unifarm will convert them. Any questions on the conversion within the pool should be directed to Unifarm, as we have no visibility in this process.

What this means: Cohort 7 users can now flip their old $UDO tokens for $wUDO on Unifarm. Flip function for $UDO tokens is now available at https://bsc.unifarm.co.

Contract Address for $WUDO: 0x70802af0ba10dd5bb33276b5b37574b6451db3d9

Link to use: https://bsc.unifarm.co

Unido Announces Further Partnership with AllianceBlock

Unido is pleased to announce that AllianceBlock, our partner who provides Liquidity Mining as a Service, will add one more service to our growing partnership — AllianceBridge. AllianceBridge is now Unido’s official bridge directly to the Binance Smart Chain, allowing you to bridge your ERC-20 $UDO tokens directly into the Binance ecosystem.

Unido-er’s can now easily swap/trade/transfer their $UDO tokens from the Ethereum mainnet directly to BSC by using the AllianceBridge. AllianceBlock’s sophisticated bridge technology will benefit our community members by offering cheaper transactions than the current exorbitant fees on Eth. The bridging dashboard can be accessed here at: https://alliancebridge.io/ for swapping from ERC to BSC (and BSC back to ERC). The cost of a bridging transaction is approximately 1 $ALBT + network gas on both sides.

Unido’s Enzyme Comparison Article Appears on Bitcoin.com

Unido placed a sponsored feature on bitcoin.com to show the commercial attractiveness of asset management dashboards within the cryptocurrency space. Our article is a competitor analysis between Unido and Enzyme platforms chosen for comparison because we both offer similar services — however, they are delivered in different formats entirely.

To read the article, click here.

What this means: The Unido leadership team views Enzyme as an excellent example of the commercial need for asset management dashboards which charge fees and have an attractive market cap in excess of $100m, confirming the Unido business case is commercially sound.

In comparison, Unido Enterprise delivers an integrated custodial function that is cross-chain interoperable, used Multi-Party Computation for multi-party sign-off for private key operation and other powerful tools. Both Unido and Enzyme are robust and suitable options for all investor classes, especially investment managers.

With a few differences in how each of our dashboards works, Enzyme is undoubtedly a shining example of a suite of tools for asset managers, as well. Unido believes our product will effectively compete with dashboards like Enzyme, with considerable commercial upside to be won.

Unido Launches NFT Contest

Unido is excited to announce the Unido NFT Contest, a multi-month campaign offered to our community that combines an art contest and a scavenger hunt — and to give our community a shot at winning rewards from a 60,000 $UDO prize pool! To commemorate our PancakeSwap listing and liquidity pair and wrap up Binance Smart Chain Week, we asked artists/designers/editors to design the ultimate Unido-themed NFT to kick off an exciting NFT task hunt. The NFT contest will allow any community member to participate and have an equal shot at winning from the massive $UDO prize pool.

What this means: There will be a 20,000 $wUDO prize (3 total NFTs up for grabs) each time for completing several competition activities and tasks. For the NFT art portion of the campaign, the 3 winnings artists will share 10% of the entire prize pool and get a head-start on the competition by acquiring a 0.1 fraction of the NFT. After the art portion concludes, the first person to receive 1 complete NFT wins a whopping 20,000 UDO Tokens. Community members will then be able to join the NFT Hunter series and start earning fractions of the NFT by completing tasks and liquidity mining for portions on PancakeSwap. Stay tuned for more!

Unido Crosses 3000 $UDO ERC-20 Hodlers

Unido is proud to announce that we have reached over 3000 ERC-20 (Ethereum) $UDO hodlers, bringing us to a new milestone! We have also seen an increase in the number of wallets holding $wUDO on Binance Smart Chain after listing on PancakeSwap (282 wallets at publishing). The $UDO token price also saw a significant price increase, with a 77% increase from the first day of the month until the last ($0.13 to $0.23)!

For completeness, we also note that $UDO is actively traded on Gate.io, with volumes typically between $20k to $300k per day. We do not have insights to the number of holding wallets on Gate.io, however surmise it to be significant, given high daily trading volumes.

What this means: The value of $UDO often can find a strong correlation between price and progress. With the introduction of a new blockchain (BSC), new partnerships like our AllianceBridge, and progress building out the Unido platform (along with its partners/projects building like EQIBank), we are taking great strides in building a solid business, along with a strong community, and valuable price performance for every investor.

EQIBank To Come — Stay Tuned!

The launch of EQIBank crypto business, built on Unido Insto, is just around the corner in 3Q 2021, now that they have successfully launched their EQUIFI token. Please stay tuned for our PR campaign upon official launch of their offering.

AMA with Michael Swan, CCO at Unido

Additions to our Marketing Team

The month of August was productive in both Marketing and Development departments and the Unido team growth. We added a new face to the marketing team, Adam Crawford, an experienced marketer and content writer who brings years of experience in the crypto space.

From our progress on the Unido Enterprise Platform to our further partnership with AllianceBlock, we are experiencing exponential growth in terms of the UDO token’s price performance and the new and exciting plans we will be revealing to the community very soon.

About Unido

Unido is an enterprise platform for decentralized capital markets. It enables institutions & corporate clients to securely store, manage and invest their crypto assets into decentralised finance networks. Unido is underpinned by proprietary key signing technology that provides enterprise-grade security for any transaction which utilises it.

Founded in 2017 and with a market-ready product, Unido is led by an experienced team of ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Macquarie and ex-Wipro with decades of experience in enterprise software development, financial services and agency blockchain development.



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