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Vendetta Capital Shows Vote of Confidence on Unido

Vendetta Capital, an investment group known for its multi-discretionary team with deep experience and highly selective criteria, has shown its vote of confidence in Unido’s cryptocurrency asset management platform for enterprises. The news of this partnership comes as part of the recent series that unveiled a list of high-profile venture capitals that have decided to support Unido.

As DeFi has taken the market by a storm since last year, Vendetta Capital has witnessed both the potential of DeFi and the struggles involved for any institutions that wish to leverage a portion of their operations on DeFi to reap the benefits. Through Unido, Vendetta Capital sees a unique opportunity that invites enterprises to seamlessly start benefiting from the power of DeFi, handle relevant transactions and operations on one platform, and opens up space for interoperability powered by Polkadot. The fund’s decision to partner with Unido through investment reflects the fast-approaching eventual adoption of DeFi by institutions and the need for blockchain projects to begin catering for these multi-million dollar firms.

Vendetta Capital has shared this comment on its general stance in investment and the reason it has decided to support Unido:

“We believe there are some key factors to decide an investment. First, it must be a project that helps us enhance our reputation in the market. Second, it must be a unique project that shared our vision.

We believe DeFi is the future of the current financial system, and adaptation is highly important. Traditional entities or enterprise funds are really suffering when it comes to using DeFi tools because they are designed for retail investors or personal users. So, the goal and vision of Unido make us excited.

On the other hand, Unido is being built on Polkadot, which we believe is a gamechanger. Polkadot-powered projects are always one or two steps closer to success with this blockchain power and unique tools.

The third feature that makes us super excited for Unido is that it is not a pop-up project showing up with the trend. Unido already has developed a working product to present to its user. There is already a product, ready to work. The building of Unido’s concept and relevant studies was started around 2017, which means Unido has had enough time to develop, slowly but formidably. This means there is a low possibility for bad codes or bugs.

The DAO structure that gives the power back to the community is also an important decision and mandatory for full decentralization, which contributed to an additional green check. We like DAOs, as we love community-driven and supported projects. It is impossible to grow without community.

Lastly, Unido’s team is spectacular. It is maybe classic nowadays to say ‘the team is not anon’, but besides anonymity, we value experience. Satoshi was anonymous but one can easily notice how bitcoin came so far. Experienced team with classic finance tools and the knowledge of what enterprises need is the key. You need to understand aimed, customer expectations to satisfy users. Having the support of crypto-experienced funds, people, and advisors with experience and knowledge is so valuable.

We think Unido will provide our ecosystem a product that will open a new era, and lead the way in attracting more investors and enterprises into the cryptocurrency industry.

We believe, with the vision, goal, and tools that Unido has, it will quickly emerge to be a game-changer. As Vendetta Capital, we are super excited to be the witnesses of this evolution by being part of this change.”




Unido is an enterprise platform for decentralized capital markets, built on Polkadot and powered by $UDO token. Learn more at: www.unido.us

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