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Highlights for February: Details about Unification’s Workchain ecosystem announced, UND token is live for trading on DigiFinex, Two million users coming to UND Workchain in Latin America, and the Unification team attended TokenomX in Bangkok, Thailand.

UND Workchain Ecosystem Unveiled & Demo Released

If you’ve been following along in our Telegram group, you likely noticed the big announcement that our website was completely revamped to give a full overview of Unification’s Workchain ecosystem. The site includes indepth details explaining how we allow enterprises to deploy public/private blockchains stamped with public trust on our UND Mainchain.

Our dev team has a demo of a Workchain live on the Unification Github.

Watch Neyma’s video below where he explains how Workchains are changing the industry by removing speculative coins from the ecosystem and allowing real work to finally be done via the blockchain.

Unification CEO, Neyma Jahan, announced the UND Workchain ecosystem

UND Token Live For Trading On DigiFinex Exchange

It’s official, Unification’s UND token is live for trading on DigiFinex — one of the big players in the Asian crypto scene. UND is featured on their ‘Innovation Board’ and is available for USDT & BTC trades. Though we cannot provide details yet, know that more exchange listing are coming soon.

A snapshot of the UND/USDT chart on DigiFinex

Unification Signs Deal Bringing 2 Million Health Care Patients On The Blockchain With Custom UND Workchain Implementation

Unification’s Enterprise team has just signed a venture with the Latin American Institute of Health (INLAGS) to bring two million of their patients into the UND Workchain ecosystem — the first major EHR blockchain integration of it’s kind.

Our development team is designing a solution focused on data security with the ability for patients to control the release of his/her medical data throughout the INLAGS network of healthcare providers. Having a patient-controlled data ecosystem aims to reduce exams, increase accuracy for doctors, increase data security and patient safety.

The Unification / INLAGS users are primarily based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Neyma’s Article ‘No ICO, No Problem’ Sets New Standard

Neyma’s recently published article — No ICO, NO Problem — UND is getting “listed” tomorrow. The new Paradigm for Blockchain projects — lays out a framework for the new paradigm in the blockchain industry: building real tech and charging users to use the tech is how money should come in, not through a “public token sale” and other questionable “ICO” tactics.

Unification is a tech company that builds real tech first & trusts that the money will follow — much like the startup model that has proven successful in Silicon Valley. It’s so simple yet so revolutionary for this “ICO industry” that we see this as becoming the standard as the space matures.

Unification Team Has Impactful Presence At TokenomX 2019

The Unification team was in full-force at TokenomX 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand at the end of the month. Our team had a strong booth presence where we demoed the UND Workchain, gave away Unification branded swag & chatted at length with various players from across the SEAsia blockchain community.

Unlike many of the other events that we attend across the world, TokenomX truly has a “community feel” to it and we treasured our time at the event — checking in with our peers, watching the keynotes & panels and attending the networking events, TokenomX was a great way to kick off the 2019 crypto conference circuit that we’re about to embark on.

Unification’s Development Architect, Indika, working the booth at TokenomX

If you support Unification’s mission and want to keep up with all the latest happenings at Unification HQ, be sure to join us on Telegram, Medium, and other social media to stay updated.

  • Website — You’ll find a link to our whitepaper, detailed FAQs, and comprehensive team bios. Our whitepaper is a thorough and in-depth technical overview of our ecosystem. [unification.com]
  • Github — If you are a developer, you may want to have a look at our Github where our dev team have been working tirelessly to develop our framework and demos of the tech. [github.com/unification-com/]
  • Telegram — Our Telegram channel is where all the magic happens. You can find our CEO, Neyma Jahan and the rest of the team in there daily, answering questions and interacting with the growing Unification community. [t.me/unificationfoundation]

Unification Foundation

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Unification Foundation

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A public/private blockchain ecosystem that allows deployment of Workchains.

Unification Foundation

Blockchain Solutions For Enterprise

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