FUND Mainchain MainNet Network Upgrade: 08/06/2022 11:00:00 UTC

We are very excited to announce that on 24 May 2022 at 12:59:05pm UTC, Governance proposal #5 passed, meaning that the major network upgrade for FUND Mainchain MainNet will proceed on Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 11:00:00 UTC!

The upgrade will roll out the latest version of the und software, v1.5.1, which implements Cosmos SDK v0.42.11 (Stargate). This is a major stepping stone for the network’s future plans, and will set the network on the path to some exciting projects ahead, including the upcoming planned upgrade to Cosmos SDK 0.45.x branch and wFUND. The full proposal text can be read here.

Full instructions for both the upgrade and setting the validator halt time can be found at or in this article.

Validator Responsibilities

All nodes will require upgrading, but it is imperative that validator nodes especially upgrade within the upgrade time window in order to reduce any potential additional network down time and reduce the risk of their node being slashed or jailed due to missing block signatures. The window for the upgrade is the time between the chain halt time and new genesis time, as specified by the Governance proposal. This is a three hour window on 8th June 2022, from 11:00:00 UTC to 14:00:00 UTC.

Validator operators will need to set the halt-time of their validator node before 8th June 2022. Following the chain halt, all nodes will need to proceed with the upgrade process, with validator nodes being upgraded first before any sentries, RPC nodes etc.

Secondary Nodes

Once validator nodes have been upgraded, the genesis generated during the validator upgrade process can be used for any Sentries and other nodes (RPC, Seed etc.) the operator runs alongside their validator node. For other non-validator nodes, the genesis.json will be published in the MainNet GitHub repository as soon as it has been verified by 2/3 validator nodes (i.e. once block #1 has been produced).

Chain Downtime

Since the upgrade involves exporting the chain state at halt-time to a new genesis, the MainNet chain will be down during the upgrade window. The FUND-MainNet-2 chain is targeted to begin at 14:00:00 UTC on 8th June 2022 — the time specified in the new genesis block. The chain will begin at this time when 2/3 or more Validator nodes have completed the upgrade process.

Third Party Software

The Legacy REST endpoints will still be available for third party software, such as wallets and explorers. It is highly recommended however, that interaction with the chain be updated to the gRPC endpoints as specified in the Cosmos SDK documentation.

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