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Ryan Getz
Jun 17 · 9 min read

If you have been following along you will have seen our announcement on UND x BEP2 a few weeks ago that we had applied for the Binance DEX and have been accepted. As of 00:00 UTC June 20th, you can begin trading UND on the Binance DEX.

In this article we will be covering the three very important points:

  1. Exact Details of the Lunar Landing Trading Competition and how you can receive BTC, BNB and UND for participating.
  2. How to swap your ERC-20 UND to BEP-2 UND so you can trade it on Binance properties and other supported exchanges who have integrated the BEP-2 wallet.
  3. How to get a free 10%+ Airdrop Bonus to the UND you transfer to Binance

Welcome to the Lunar Landing Trading Competition

At 00:00 UTC on June 20th, UND will list on Binance Chain — and at the same moment our Lunar Landing Trading Competition will begin.

We are opening up this competition to celebrate the launch of UND on Binance DEX and to encourage our community to adopt the DEX platform.

Some people may not know it yet, but Binance has also announced a listing competition beginning at the same time. This competition states that a project should have 50K USD minimum volume per day on the Binance DEX in order to qualify and that Binance will select a winner for a FREE listing on Binance.com’s main trading platform. You can read the full details of their competition at this link: https://community.binance.org/topic/176/binance-com-launches-bep2-community-listing-program

As a community, we would love nothing more than a free listing on Binance.com so we will be supporting this trading competition. Important to note that as this is a DEX, the Lunar Landing Trading Competition is operated and awarded by Unification — there is no official connection to Binance for this competition.

First let’s talk about the rules then we can talk about the rewards…

If you read the Binance article above, they say that a project needs to have 50K USD minimum volume a day with no “wash trading”, so we all need to make sure that we follow this rule. This is a DEX and everything is transparent — so for example if #1 + #2 on our leaderboard spent the entire month trading back and forth between their 1+2 accounts, we would probably consider that “wash trading” and have to be disqualified from the competition. So please, make sure to pay attention to that!

Next, obviously you want to know about the requirements and rewards… As this is an ongoing trading competition, there are minimum requirements to qualify for each prize.

UND Lunar Landing Trading Competition Rankings & Rewards
We will be rewarding the Top 10 UND Traders during the span of the competition. See the below chart for rewards corresponding to each Top Trader level.

Top Traders + Rewards

Rank 1: 1 BTC + 100,000 UND
Rank 2: 200 BNB + 50,000 UND
Rank 3: 100 BNB + 50,000 UND
Rank 4: 75 BNB + 50,000 UND
Rank 5: 50 BNB + 25,000 UND
Rank 6: 25 BNB + 15,000 UND
Rank 7: 15 BNB + 15,000 UND
Rank 8: 15 BNB + 10,000 UND
Rank 9: 10 BNB + 10,000 UND
Rank 10: 5 BNB + 10,000 UND

Note: If at the end of the contest 200 BNB is worth more than 1 BTC we will swap Reward Levels 1 & 2

Please note three important aspects:

  1. The minimum qualification to receive rewards for the Top 5 is that there is a minimum amount of 50K USD equivalent UND volume per day (across all traders). If this is not met then rewards will be scaled down to the lower levels. If you intend to compete we recommend you plan to trade a minimum 20K USD equivalent per day consistently to ensure we meet this threshold.
  2. The UND rewards will only be awarded if we win the official competition and are listed on Binance.com — however, the BTC/BNB rewards will be paid regardless of outcome.
  3. We reserve the right to modify or adjust as needed if something doesn’t seem to be working. The purpose of this competition is to bring awareness to UND and expand the reach of the community.

We will have a leaderboard implemented on our website that will be live shortly. (Follow our Telegram and Twitter for updates) This leaderboard will track in near real time the traded volume amount per BEP-2 address. You will need to contact us to claim your BNB address and the method of validation will be by you sending a very small amount of UND to an address we give you to verify. No UND admin will reach out to you for this (so beware of scammers), instructions to verify will be on the leaderboard site.

Lunar Landing Trading Competition closes on July 20th at 00:00 UTC. We will use our official Telegram channel to communicate and discuss the competition. Join the conversation 👉 https://t.me/unificationfoundation

Ok now that the fun part is out of the way, let’s go through some technicals on how to swap your UND to the BEP-2 standard!

Welcome to Binance DEX — Let’s “Burn” some UND!

The purpose of this section is to assist you in on-boarding to Binance’s new DEX platform and how to start using the new technology.

This section will cover a couple of aspects:

  1. How to convert your ERC-20 UND into BEP-2 UND
  2. How to deposit this on the Binance DEX and begin trading

Let’s get started!

Part 1 — The Token Swap

Binance has made it very easy to swap your UND from ERC-20 to BEP-2 but before you swap you should be fully aware of these few points:

  1. This is a permanent one way conversion from the ERC-20 to BEP-2 format. Your ERC-20 UND will be burned and you will be issued the same amount in BEP-2 format. There is no known way to convert back. It is important to know that this will cause no change in total or circulating supply (a BEP-2 UND only comes to life when a ERC-20 UND is burned).
  2. The BEP-2 UND will be required to trade on all Binance properties so if you want to trade on there you need to do this conversion. Other exchanges like IDEX will only accept the ERC-20 version and at time of writing, the other exchanges where UND is listed only support the ERC-20 version. However, it is of course feasible in the future that they will adopt a dual standard.
  3. When the Mainnet swap occurs at the end of the year you will be able to equally swap the ERC-20 or BEP-2 versions of UND for the UND native token.

Now with all of that being said… here is a step-by-step breakdown on how you swap!

  1. Go to your Binance.com account — if you do not have an account already you can use this link to signup. (note: that is our affiliate link — any commissions received by using the link will go back into the development budget for Unification so by using it you support the project and ecosystem)
  2. Navigate to the Deposit page and select ETH-Ethereum
  3. Deposit your ERC-20 UND to this ETH address

MAGIC! Now you have the equal amount of BEP-2 UND in your Binance.com account. Note: we have noticed that this process can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to execute the full swap.

This example shows 888 UND swapped from ERC-20 to BEP-2 & successfully deposited into Binance DEX

Part 2: Get started trading on Binance DEX

First off you will need to visit the DEX at Binance.org (yes, it’s a different web address) if you have an IP address from USA or any other of the restricted countries you may not be able to access — so you will have to figure something out.

Note: Binance.org is not required to access the DEX — it just happens to be the only “easy” way at the moment — other community members may build alternative tools shortly.

Next you will go through the wallet creation process. If you have ever had an ERC-20 wallet on My Ether Wallet or similar, it is more or less the same- you can use a Ledger or Trustwallet to access or their native process has you do a keystore/password AND Private Key — so they force an extra layer of security.

So, go through this setup process and then you are ready!

The first thing you need to do is get your “Deposit” address for the DEX — this will be the same address for BNB or BEP-2 UND.

To get your DEX deposit address -simply goto “Balances” at the top of the DEX. You will see your Public Key (starting with bnb) — you can copy it here.

Now you have your Public Key for your DEX wallet. (Save this somewhere for easy future reference!)

Now you will go to your Binance.com account and select either UND (if you want to sell) or BNB (if you want to buy) and then deposit this into your DEX wallet— Again the Public Key address for the DEX is the same for BNB or BEP2 UND.

Important: Don’t forget to click “No MEMO” when depositing into the DEX wallet

Boom — That’s It! Now you are ready to Buy and Sell UND on the Binance DEX! Please give it a try so that you can show the cryptocurrency world that you support UND.

Part 3: How To Get Free UND

In order to encourage adoption on the new Binance Chain ecosystem, we have a very special one time promotion in place…

At 00:00UTC on June 20th 2019, we will take a snapshot of all BEP-2 UND wallets.

You can see current BEP-2 UND holders here: https://explorer.binance.org/asset/UND-EBC

Then, at 00:00 UTC on July 21st 2019 we will snapshot again. If the balance in your wallet is the same or higher you will get a 10% airdrop of UND to that wallet. (the 10% is calculated based on the balance taken at first snapshot)

It is that easy - buy, sell, trade or HODL. But make sure that your UND balance on July 21st it is the same amount or higher!

Please note: This is meant to encourage community adoption and the final decision is from Unification on all cases. All wallets originating from Employees, Founders, Advisors, Institutional Investors of Unification and Exchanges or related will be exempt. If you have any questions please get in touch and we can clarify.

This Airdrop is not officially partnered with Binance however we do it to support the general BNB ecosystem.

Lastly, there will be no introduction of new supply for this airdrop - the foundation bought quite a bit of tokens off the open market to take them out of supply after the initial release so this will be a redistribution of these tokens

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the UND community in our official Unification Telegram channel or chat with the Binance DEX community.

See you on the DEX!
Ryan Getz
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