Unification Team at Beyond Blocks 2018 in Seoul, Korea

Unification Debuts BABEL Prototype at Korea Blockchain Week

The Unification team is wrapping up a whirlwind week in Seoul, South Korea, in which Unification’s unique BABEL interface was debuted publicly for the first time to a captivated audience of conference-goers.

Founder Neyma Jahan, Architecture Lead Shawn McLean (formerly of Zynga), Product Lead Maziar Sadri (formerly of Yahoo), and the rest of the Unification team were on hand in Seoul throughout Korea Blockchain Week to showcase Unification’s product, as well as meet with industry leaders, Asia-focused investors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The pinnacle of the week was the first-ever public showing of BABEL, Unification’s interface for businesses using Unification’s C++ Smart Contract protocol to standardize their data into a single unified format.

Unification founder Neyma Jahan spoke at Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 in Seoul, Korea

Neyma Jahan featured as a speaker at Korea Blockchain Summit

Korea Blockchain Week began with a spirited talk by Unification founder Neyma Jahan, who was featured as a keynote speaker at the Global Blockchain Foundation’s Korea Blockchain Summit.

Neyma took the stage to discuss future implications of blockchain technology, and how businesses can utilize blockchain to propel their products into the modern era.

The talk was well received by industry leaders, with many founders and CEOs expressing their interest in Neyma’s assertion that blockchain technology will be required to advance business objectives in the coming years.

Unification founder Neyma Jahan speaking at Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 in Seoul, Korea

Unification partners with Beyond Blocks Summit

The flagship event of the week was the Beyond Blocks Summit, which brought together thousands of blockchain heavy hitters to discuss the industry’s most promising early-stage projects.

Unification partnered with Beyond Blocks to showcase the work that has been completed on Unification’s core product. The project and its assets were presented to a diverse cross section of Beyond Blocks attendees, from developers to investors to business owners.

The 2018 Beyond Blocks Summit in Korea marks the first time that Unification’s product was shown to such a broad range of blockchain enthusiasts, eliciting valuable feedback and considerable interest among a wide range of attendees.

(Right to left) Architecture Lead Shawn McLean, Research Lead John Justus & Outreach Lead Will Mekemson demonstrate the BABEL interface to conference goers

Launch of Unification’s first product demo

Unification Architecture Director Shawn McLean and Product Lead Maziar Sadri were on hand to walk conference-goers through the finer details of how Unification executes data standardization through blockchain-based Smart Contracts.

A live demo of the BABEL interface was conducted in the conference’s dedicated demo room, with Maziar Sadri illustrating the flow of businesses’ experience interfacing with Unification’s dedicated data dashboard.

Maziar explained to an eager crowd how, once plugged into the Unification ecosystem, businesses can use the BABEL dashboard to view data sets, sell data to other businesses with a single click, acquire new data sets through an open data marketplace, and manipulate a wallet of UND tokens used for data exchange.

The BABEL interface was well received by curious attendees, eliciting numerous questions and generating sustained interest in the project among the crowd.

Product Lead Maziar Sadri presenting the BABEL interface in the Beyond Blocks product demo room

Curious about Unification’s product?

If you’d like to see for yourself what all the buzz is about, catch the Unification team on the road as we share our work with a blockchain community that is hungry for effective approaches to the data fragmentation quagmire.

Further demonstration of BABEL and the rest of Unification’s core product will be offered at next week’s Hybrid Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, with founder Neyma Jahan and others in attendance.

To schedule a private demo with the Unification team, please contact us by email to see if there is any remaining availability.

And to keep up with the latest at the Unification Foundation, join our Telegram chat for the most up-to-date information on the project.


  • Website — You’ll find a link to our whitepaper, detailed FAQs, and comprehensive team bios. Our whitepaper is a thorough and in-depth analysis of our protocol infrastructure and the landscape of data management and blockchain technology, weighing in at just over 80 pages. [unification.com]
  • Github — If you are a developer, you may want to have a look at our Github where Paul, Shawn and Indika have been working tirelessly to develop out demos that illustrates the creation of UND tokens and exchange of data between apps. [github.com/unification-com/haiku-node-prototype/wiki]
  • Telegram — Our Telegram channel, which is where all the magic happens. You can find Neyma Jahan and the rest of the team in there daily, answering questions and interacting with the growing Unification community. [t.me/unificationfoundation]