Neyma Jahan
Jul 12 · 7 min read

As the summer heats up and the crypto market matures, here at Unification HQ we are in for some exciting times.

In a recent interview, the quote came up that “We are not a token that happens to have a blockchain, rather we are a blockchain that happens to have a token”.

Yah — it is how it should be — the value we are creating is not through complex tokennomics, lockup schedules and strategic “paper partnerships” — rather we have built an ecosystem where entities use the UND token for network access and node validation.

We never liked much what we call “the 2017 model” where instead of, say “betting on a horse race” or even the idea of “riding the horse” people were betting on “futures contracts of a horse race that may never happen” — so “tokens” we just a zero sum game where some “won” and some lost.

This is not the table we are setting.

We like much better the idea of deploying UND as a “useful” token to be used. If you look at the most successful projects, ETH, EOS, BNB — all of their tokens have some “use” value beyond “trading it up and down.”

So as we roll into the heat of the summer I wanted to provide you, our community, with the important quarterly CEO’s update on the current status of the UND-Multiverse and what we have in store for you.

Summer Update Part I: Welcome to the Testnet

All of this seems like a thought exercise without something real to gnaw our teeth into and the Testnet is like the appetizer. Back in May our CTO Paul Hodgson wrote an excellent introductory article about the Testnet moving parts. Developers can dig deep on our developers page on our main website.

The summary in layman’s terms of our tech progress is the Testnet is already a working and usable product. Meaning that as of right now any entity can goto our Github, grab the codebase and deploy their own Independent WRKChain. This WRKChain has the option of:

  1. Living as a standalone entity with no resolvement (fully private)
  2. Resolving into our Test-Mainchain (will work for testing, however test-mainchain is not immutable and may be reset)
  3. Resolving into the Ethereum or BTC Mainnet

Typically, we recommend options #1 or #2 depending on your needs. Already we have private clients executing option #1 and resolving into a centralized server until Mainchain is released. (They are more or less private deployments so full public immutability is not as important depending on the usecase.)

General roadmap is the following:

May 2019 — Full Testnet release
June 2019 — Toolkit update
July 2019 — Enterprise on-boarding program deployment
August 2019 -UND Block explorer (Testnet operational)
September 2019 — DSG Testnet deployment
October 2019 — Native UND Staking Wallet Release v1
Nov 2019 — Masterstaker & WRKChain Validator Toolkit deployment
Dec 2019 — Mainnet release
Jan 2019 — Staking Wallet & Explorer improvements v1.5

I will say that this is our roadmap and we are doing everything in our power to make it happen, but if it doesn’t hit these dates exactly, then know we are grinding 24–7 until we do. Software development is a fickle thing (we have collectively decades of software dev experience on our team) and sometimes things do not go as planned! That being said, these dates are generous in a purposeful manner. Full developments will always be trackable on our Github with major milestones announcements on Twitter and our Telegram.

Summer Update Part 2: BEP2 Dual standard and Integration with Binance DEX

We have had the pleasure over the last month of working with the Binance technical team to covert our ERC-20 to a Dual Standard that includes the Binance Chain BEP-2 standard. This means that both are UND and the supply has not increased and that both can be swappable for the UND Mainnet native token which will be available at Mainnet Launch.

The main trading pair is active with a BNB pair and is averaging approximately 6500–7500 BNB in volume per day (+-200k USD) and is the most volume out of the 8 pairs of UND on various exchanges.

We have also been approved to list as a USDSB Stable coin pair in partnership with Stably and will be running the listing for the UND-USDSB we estimate on Tuesday the 16th (this will addressed in a separate post!)

We expect this to really smooth out the process of trading as often times people want to HODL their BNB for Binance contests. Allowing a USD based pair will allow more natural price discovery.

Being involved in the Binance Community means we have also been busy contributing as we can with useful tools and information, one being a comprehensive BEP2 Migration Guide that expands on the instructions provided by Binance and another is an open-source BEP2 leaderboard tracker for trading that can be found on our Github.

Beyond that with regards to Binance we are in a contest for a free community listing on — we have no expectations whether we will win or not, but certainly are doing the best we can and relying on the community to further support our efforts. If you have opinions on whether UND should be listing on the central Binance Exchange- please go over to this community created thread and add your comment (ignore the spam and Fudders in there, they have been dealt with ;-)

Lastly there is a ongoing trading contest that ends on July 20th and the current leaderboard can be found here:

Summer Update Part 3: UND World tour, spotting at the WSOP and other community activities

Since our last full update in April lots has happened so we will give a short summary. Our team attended the Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn where we saw our friends from from the Ethereum core team and went over new and emerging technologies (UND is built off of a ETH fork so the same family)

We also sponsored the Cold Brew coffee cart there which was really the hit of the show.

Next up after that was the full side of Blockchain week in NYC ,where we attended Consensys, made some deals, guested on a few podcasts including one on the Podcast Stage with Nye and Crypto101 where we talked about the ever debatable topic “Is Code Law”.

Among other things, yours truly was filmed for a ‘Crypto’ related reality show being produced for Netflix. I can’t say more about it at the moment due to an NDA, but can say that it will be an ongoing series where I will be “doing something” with other notable people in the industry representing different talents. This bakes well for UND because of the obvious cross exposure and aligned interests.

After NYC we headed over to Malta before “summer break” to say hi to Europe and the Malta Blockchain Summit. There among other accomplishments I was seated on a panel with with notable speakers and we got deep into the usefulness of Blockchain in Enterprise and developing nations. It is one of the more interesting panel discussions if you support that format.

After Malta, we settled back into deep work mode driving and building our our Mainnet — but one notable surprise last week was that one of our community members was spotted at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) sporting UND Swag! How about that. We heard that he got pushed out in Day 4- but made a darn good showing and still beat over 90% of the field.

More community support like this is always welcome and if you want to make your own swag, you are welcome to use our Vector files!

Last but not least is our ongoing Enterprise outreach and development led by Larry Gandt. Most of the signed deals we cannot speak about publicly due to NDA’s (we typically are building out usable semi-private WRKChains to use for practical matters and bill for the work so it is a little different than “crypto-company partnerships” which usually start on paper and stay there.

We are in process of adding an enterprise section and have added an enterprise explainer document to our funnel along with rolling meetups where we can.

We are always on tour with our Enterprise outreach holding meetups and education seminars where we can, this picture is from the B.I.G. Conference in Bali (notice everybody in shorts) where CPO Mazi Sadri gave an interactive workshop on WRKChain deployment for small businesses. Moving the mountain step by step.

And, that’s a wrap!

Ongoing and forward- we Tweet major announcements and post in our Telegram often. We are always available to answer your questions and and in this for the long run. Remember — We are a blockchain that happens to have a token, not a token that happens to have a blockchain!

We are in this together.


Unification Foundation

Blockchain Solutions For Enterprise

Thanks to Ryan Getz

Neyma Jahan

Written by

Founder of Unification — Futurist — Climbing mountains, ladders and staircases —

Unification Foundation

Blockchain Solutions For Enterprise

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