xFUND Oracle of Oracles to Power Woof Work

Upcoming freelance marketplace Woof Work is integrating Oracle of Oracles (OoO) to securely power its crypto payment solutions.

xFUND and the Shiba Ecosystem

From the essential integration of Oracle of Oracles (OoO) into ShibaSwap.com, to the addition of xFUND into the ShibaSwap Liquidity Provider incentive program (“Woofable xFUND”), to the wildly successful recent launch of Shiboshi NFTs powered by VOR, the xFUND — Shiba Inu ecosystem partnership continues to go from strength to strength.

Now Woof Work ($WOOF) has announced plans to utilize Oracle of Oracles. Specifically, OoO will be used to ensure secure price feeds for its freelance marketplace with crypto payments.

‘Chief Woof Officer’ of Woof Work, WoofOSHI said,

“Secure price feeds for multiple cryptocurrencies is essential to our core business. As a decentralized project offering end-to-end payments between freelancers and those employing talent, we are dedicated to safeguarding crypto payment rails to prevent hacks, such as flash loans occurring between sending and receiving of payments. The security of our community’s funds is paramount — hence our enthusiasm to partner with Unification.”

Given that Woof Work plans to transition to the upcoming Layer 2 network, Shibarium, this partnership is extremely well aligned. As already announced by the Shiba Inu community, the $xFUND team is deeply engaged in making Shibarium a reality. This sets up Woof Work ($WOOF) to be one of the first projects to migrate to the Shibarium network.

Integrating Oracle of Oracles + Beacon

Additionally, discussions with Woof Work are underway regarding the deployment of a Unification Beacon to stamp all work agreements immutably to the blockchain. This time-stamped record of contractual agreements is intended to mitigate and resolve disputes between stakeholders.

For example, the Beacon would record an immutable record once a contract is signed for a certain number of hours/milestones/cryptocurrency to be exchanged between a freelancer & hiring manager. If a disagreement were to arise about deliverables/compensation between the ‘Woof Worker’ and the hiring manager, the time-stamped record would be called upon to settle and resolve the issue.

With the bells and whistles of OoO and VOR recently claiming the spotlight, we’re pleased to see the basic yet powerful functionality of Beacon being recognized again. Overall, this integration is a continuation of Unification’s commitment to keep serving the rapidly evolving DeFi ecosystem.

Indeed, while the early vision of Unification was providing Blockchain technology to Enterprise and Governmental organizations, increasingly we are being requested to fulfill demand by decentralized projects such as those emerging from the Shiba Inu multiverse and those connecting through the API3 Alliance integration.

Woof Work is set to IDO on the Falcon 9 Launchpad.
More details can be found at

Important Links & Things of Note

xFUND Yield Farm: https://yield.unification.io/

xFUND ShibaSwap SSLP & Woof (Yield program): https://shibaswap.com/#/yield


For an introduction to xFUND, see the article What is xFUND? And how to participate in the ecosystem

FUND — Native token, hold in web wallet buy and sell here https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/unification

xFUND — Extremely limited supply ERC-20 token designed for onchain queries and consumption

xFUND contract 0x892a6f9df0147e5f079b0993f486f9aca3c87881



UND — Unsupported testnet token., Don’t buy it

OoO — Unification’s Oracle of Oracles onchain oracle powered by xFUND — uses price feeds from https://finchains.io/


Website www.unification.com



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