Managing Partners Remotely Using Partner Relationship Management Software

Over the past 40 years the world has been speeding up the pace of digital adoption. While it may seem like Amazon was founded yesterday, it was actually founded in 1994 — about 25 years ago. Microsoft was founded a couple of decades earlier than Amazon, in 1975, and Oracle was founded in 1977. About a decade earlier than Microsoft, Intel was founded in 1968. I…




Unified Channel Management (UCM) enables vendors to drive profitable revenue growth by deploying a set of cloud based modules for partner recruitment, engagement, enablement and management that seamlessly work together by fitting into an existing infrastructure.

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Sugata Sanyal

Sugata Sanyal

A serial entrepreneur, Sugata Sanyal is the founder & CEO of ZINFI ( - a leader in Unified Channel Management SaaS platform for enterprises.

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