The Elephant Sun God

An Icon for the Concept of God

The Elephant Sun God: An icon for the concept of God.

Clarifying My Personal Beliefs

The ESG in my living room

On Being Oriented Toward a Transcendent Naturalism

This diagram represents the path to wisdom energy in UTOK, which is found by aligning the Coin with the Tree and then flipping it into the Garden under God.

The Meaning and the Symbolism of the ESG

Image of Ra by Miłek Jakubiec
Statue of Ganesha, God of beginnings and of wisdom/intellect
Depiction of Elephant in Godfrey Saxe’s poem
A depiction of the ESG by Tim Adalin


Marry the (iQuad) Coin to the Tree (of Knowledge System) in the Garden (of UTOK) under the (Elephant Sun) God



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Gregg Henriques

Professor Henriques is a scholar, clinician and theorist at James Madison University.