The Radical Mathematical Humanistic Equation (Part I)

The Euler Identity Plus the Henriques Equivalency Equals Zero

The Euler Identity is Objectively True

As mentioned above, the RMH equation links the Henriques Equivalency to the Euler Identity. As such, we need to spend a bit of time on the Euler Identity. The Euler Identity is a very famous mathematical equation. I know just saying that will make some folks a little trepid. But as I hope is clear by now, I do not do advanced mathematics, and so I will not be taking you on that kind of trip. Rather all we will need to understand is how to describe the Euler Identity. As implied by the RMH, if we take out the Henriques Equivalency, we can see that the Euler Identity is given as:

The Euler Identity



The Unified Theory of Knowledge (UTOK) a new consilient vision of natural science, psychology, psychotherapy, and philosophy that is oriented toward the cultivation of wisdom.

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Gregg Henriques

Professor Henriques is a scholar, clinician and theorist at James Madison University.