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Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Lawyers, MBAs and PhDs

Introducing — Student Loan Refinancing For High-Value Loans

Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Lawyers, MBAs and PhDs — anyone with a higher-than-average loan value is at an unfair disadvantage in the student loan refi market so long as the bonus amount is fixed.

Unifimoney’s customers have far higher student loan debt than average, which is why we’ve introduced variable cash bonuses. The bonus increases in line with the loan amount, providing up to $2,500 on loans up to $250,000!

The average student loan in the US is around $30K, but cash bonuses offered for student loan refinancing are almost always fixed. Typically, they sit around $500. However, student loans vary widely, with medical professions carrying exorbitant burdens; dentists and doctors graduate with an average debt well over $200K. And yet, with a fixed cash bonus, the customer with 10x more student debt receives the same $500 credit.

Average Student Loan Debt By Subject

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Unifimoney has been designed for precisely the types of people with high student debt: high-earning professionals. These are stressful, competitive jobs with long hours and poor work/life balance. We make it easy for our users to manage their everyday money management by integrating traditionally separate products into a single app and automating many of the manual tasks involved. Our users automatically and by default model best practices in personal financial management — effortlessly. We help make it easy and automatic to maximise deposit interest, credit card rewards and investing because Unifimoney users have more important things to do with their time.

We also are building a suite of value added services. Whilst we believe that everyone should be saving and investing as often as they are spending, there are other less frequent financial needs that need to be addressed. We provide these services through our partners.

The first of these to go live is Student Loan Refi and we have made it so that we offer terms that increase with loan size and specifically benefit those with high loans.

Unifimoney is in Beta launch as we continue to build out the platform, features and services. To become a Beta tester, you only have to join the general waitlist at www.unifimoney.com and then follow the email instructions.

Beta users will be able to apply to refinance their student loans via the app in the next few weeks!




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