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Source: Monty Python “Merchant Banker”

Warning: contains images of clowns

The First Bank In the World with a Comedy Sketch Team

A message from our CEO,

In these challenging times, despite everything, it’s nice to laugh.

The Harvard Business Review, in a seminal article “Leading with Humor” on comedy in the workplace, found that as adults and especially working adults we don’t laugh enough (including both “chuckles and guffaws”) and this is highly detrimental to both personal wellbeing and professional efficiency.

Simply put, people work better with comedy in their lives. The Laughter Drought is a description of the massive fall in laughs per day (LPD) as we get older, typically an adult over the age of 35 is achieving an LPD over 95% lower than a baby. LPD during weekdays tends to be considerably lower than during the weekend.

Banks and bankers are not well known for being funny. Money is, after all, a deadly serious business. There is also precious little to laugh about in the way Big Banks gouge consumers of their money and give so little back.

If there is a joke in banking, the joke is on us; the bankers are laughing in their executive jets all the way to, well, the bank.

Source: Sachin Bharti

So, where might the humour be in banking that we can all participate in?

In an academic study and related book, Matthew M. Hurley, of Indiana University; Daniel C. Dennett, of Tufts; and Reginald B. Adams Jr., of Penn State University found:

“Humor happens when an assumption is epistemically committed to in a mental space and then discovered to have been a mistake.”

HBR provides a translation: We laugh when we find that something we’ve momentarily believed to be the case isn’t in fact true, and at others in the same predicament, and at stories about such situations, especially if they are linked to pleasures of other kinds, such as insight, schadenfreude, superiority, or sexual titillation.

You can read more here “Inside Jokes: Using Humor to Reverse-Engineer the Mind

We think humour in banking can be a powerful tool to broach the very sensitive subject of how we manage our money. We can use it to speak truth to power and take on the Big Banks—who are about as funny as death—in a way they will be highly challenged to reciprocate. We can turn the joke back on them, for once.

We cannot outspend JP Morgan Chase’s $2.6bn annual marketing budget — but we can be funnier. Ha ha.

Source: Gratisography

To this end Unifimoney — a challenger bank in the truest meaning of the word, competing against the largest most profitable banks in the World in a genuine David and Goliath match for their best most valuable customers: high earning professionals—is creating an internal comedy sketch team.

This team’s KPI is to increase the LPD of our team, our users and our partners by helping to raise awareness and understanding of a better, more automated way to manage money — effortlessly.

This team will produce a series of sketches on an ongoing basis. You can see the first one here:

Follow and like Unifimoney to see more as they are produced.

We hope they make you laugh — oh and please join our waitlist.



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