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2000 UNFI Bonus Giveaway to UNFI Stakers in January

8 lucky addresses, 2000 UNFI to give away, 1 big January staking event!

Key Points:

  • A maximum of 500,000 UNFI tokens can participate in this January staking event, so be sure to have that UNFI ready for the new year! Only the first 500,000 tokens are assured they will have a chance to qualify for this 2000 UNFI giveaway!
  • To celebrate the launch of UNFI staking on Ethereum there will be a Loyalty Bonus of 2000 UNFI tokens distributed to qualified stakers.
  • Important details apply. Before participating, please read the entire article below to learn how to become qualified.
  • UNFI staking on Ethereum is here to stay. January is just the beginning!
  • The January staking event ends on or about January 31, 2021.

January is just the beginning

UNFI staking on Ethereum is here to stay! Read more on how to stake UNFI on Ethereum here. The January staking event may conclude at the end of January, but February will be another month and have more staking in store. The journey to launch the UNFI Global Governance Model (GGM) is underway and Proof of Stake governance is coming!

2000 UNFI Loyalty Bonus

Eight staking addresses will be selected to receive a loyalty bonus of UNFI tokens at the conclusion of the January UNFI on Ethereum staking event. One address will receive 1500 bonus UNFI! Three addresses will receive 100 bonus UNFI, and four addresses will receive 50 bonus UNFI.

Eligibility Requirements

To become a qualified address:

  • Must have a minimum of 10 UNFI staked before 0:00 UTC on January 7, 2021
  • Cannot unstake any UNFI associated with that address for the entire duration of the promotion (through January 31, 2021)
  • Addresses with a higher daily average of UNFI staked will have increased odds — with no guarantee — of being selected.
  • Additional UNFI staked after January 7, 2021 will count towards the weighted daily average of UNFI staked

At the conclusion of this promotion, a total of 8 addresses will be selected from the entire pool of qualified addresses. The higher the amount of UNFI staked in an address, the more likely it is — but not guaranteed — that address will be selected. Each of the 8 selected addresses will then be ranked by the average amount of UNFI they had staked during the promotion. The top ranking of the 8 selected addresses will receive 1500 UNFI. The addresses ranked 2,3, and 4 will each receive 100 UNFI. The addresses ranked 5,6,7, and 8 will each receive 50 UNFI. In the unlikely event of a tie, Unifi will decide how to rank the two tied addresses.

Participants may add more UNFI stake at any time throughout the promotion, provided the maximum of 500,000 total UNFI staked has not been reached. If the address is qualified, each additional UNFI increases the chance of the address being selected. Additional stake also increases the chance that a selected address will qualify for a larger prize.

Details and Conditions

All times mentioned in this article are approximate and based on an average amount of Ethereum blocks per month. All numbers provided in this article may be rounded for ease of communication and are for example purposes only and not a guarantee of actual results.

All terms or information described herein are subject to change, and this article may be revised at any time, without notice, to reflect the most current information. Participants in UNFI staking should confirm their information is current prior to participation.

UNFI staking, promotions, and BSC to ETH transfers are beta products and any result is not guaranteed. All actions described are voluntary actions taken by the UNFI token holder at their own risk. In the event of any discrepancy or misunderstanding, decisions made by Unifi will be considered final and binding.

Unifi Protocol’s website can be found at https://www.unifiprotocol.com/. You can also connect to the Unifi community on Telegram, Twitter, or Medium. Developers — check out our bounty list to develop on the Unifi Protocol at https://gitcoin.co/issue/sesame-seed/Quest/1/100023698



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