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A first look at uTrade — powered by Unifi Protocol

We are thrilled to pull back the curtain and share a sneak peek of uTrade — the incentivized, decentralized, unlimited liquidity trading platform built on the Unifi Protocol.

The Unifi Protocol is a suite of non-custodial, interoperable, decentralized, and multi-chain smart contracts providing the building blocks for the next generation of DeFi development.

uTrade is now available on the TRON testnet and will soon launch on mainnet. That will quickly be followed by launches on Ontology, Harmony, and Ethereum. 🚀

What is uTrade?

uTrade is a trading platform built on the Unifi Protocol that enables token exchange utilizing liquidity provided by incentivized liquidity providers. Liquidity providers on uTrade share a portion of the revenue generated by the entire Unifi Protocol, and are not limited to a share of fees earned solely from a specific trading pair. Even after liquidity is withdrawn, liquidity providers continue to share in fees as long as they continue to hold UP tokens.

Traders on uTrade are refunded a portion of their trading fees in SEED and enjoy all the benefits of holding SEED such as daily compounding. uTrade is the only platform to offer a trading rebate which automatically stakes on multiple blockchains and earns increasing rewards.

Unifi believes a properly incentivized community of traders and liquidity providers will create a much more profitable experience for all users of the platform.

Web app reveal

Traders are able to exchange tokens plus earn SEED as a fee rebate
Easily join or withdraw from a liquidity pool, or claim your UP tokens
Add liquidity and be issued uL tokens as representation of your deposit (e.g.: uSEED)
Remove liquidity to redeem the value of your liquidity and any UP tokens earned
Redeem part or all of your liquidity at any time
Easily claim earned UP tokens from any uPair
Redeem your UP token for its redemption value in base tokens (e.g.: TRX, ONT, or ONE)

Keep up with our latest news and announcements on Telegram and social media to learn more about uTrade and be the first to know when it is LIVE.

To learn more about Unifi Protocol visit our website. You may also follow us on Telegram, Twitter, Medium, and Instagram to get the latest news.



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