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The INFINITI Token WhitePaper — by Unifi Protocol

On the Sustainability of a Hyper-Inflationary Blockchain Token Economy

Here at Unifi Protocol we start every meeting with the same question:
“How can we contribute to a more sustainable blockchain economy?”

That first sentence was the only serious part of this article. Everything else was an April Fool’s joke. (But INFINITI token is a real hyper-inflationary token on the BNB Smart Chain.)

Until now, our suite of DeFi and Web3 products (uTrade, uStake, uBridge) have only scratched the surface. But we are proud to announce we have finally developed a token that will revolutionize the entire crypto industry.

Introducing INFINITI Token — a hyper-inflationary token from Unifi Protocol.

Available now for trading on uTrade [BNB Chain]! (If for some crazy reason you want to read about the token before purchasing it, keep reading.)

Contract address on BSC Scan: 0x0Cd18d78898eCBc66cde0D14440Db24D88C226e2

True sustainability, with infinite potential. Everyone recognizes the true value of a token with an unlimited total supply, this is universally accepted by all participants in crypto. INFINITI token won’t just go to the moon — it will reach the edges of our infinite universe…and keep going.

How are we so sure? Well, the entire crypto marketcap is a mere $3 Trillion and adoption has always been a problem. The global market is currently worth $1,540 trillion — if we only manage to capture 10% of that market, we can single handedly 50x the market cap of the entire crypto industry. This would give INFINITI token a marketcap of approximately $150 Trillion.


How Does It Work?

Every time you transfer INFINITI tokens out of your address, this will cause more INFINITI token to be minted and sent to your address. After a transfer of INFINITI, you will always end up with more INFINITI than when you started, no matter what.

For example, if you send 3 INFINITI, your new balance will be 4 INFINITI.

If you transfer 3 INFINITI to your friend, your friend will receive 3 INFINITI and your new balance will be 4 INFINITI. Bring the power of crypto to friendship!

A Marketcap of Literally Infinity

DeFi has done amazing things for traditional tokens, arguably resurrecting a dead crypto market and embodying Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision as set out in his seminal Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008. But what happens when distributed ledger technology is combined with DeFi and Web3 and applied to a hyper-inflationary token like INFINITI?

It is impossible* for the total circulating supply of INFINITI not to reach infinity. Every time a token is transferred, more tokens are minted. Our proprietary hyperinflationary tokenomics ensures this outcome. Thanks to the x/y price discovery algorithm of DeFi trading pairs, no token can ever reach a price of 0 dollars. Recall your fourth grade mathematics lessons — “you can never divide by zero!” This means INFINITI tokens will always have some value, and with an infinite circulating supply, that gives INFINITI a marketcap of infinity. QED

If it only goes to 1 cent…!

Adoption is All but Guaranteed

Using the standard metric of token holders as a very reliable indicator of adoption (and demand), there will surely be no other token out on the market with more token holders than INFINITI. In fact, due to the nature of INFINITI token’s inflationary growth, there will likely be INFINITI tokens in addresses that people don’t even know they own yet! INFINITI ushers in an age of ultra adoption.

What about Security?

Of course Unifi Protocol is concerned with security. This is why we have decided to allow the transfer of someone else’s INFINITI tokens on their behalf. This security feature is so obvious that it does not need to be explained in this whitepaper.

This Token Markets Itself

If you send INFINITI tokens to some friends, this will mint more tokens and create more token holder addresses. If those friends just send INFINITI to their friends, the cycle is perpetuated. The best way to visualize the success of this token would be to picture yourself at the top of a triangular shape, such as a pyramid, with your friends and their friends as multiple levels beneath you, each level marketing to the one below it with astounding inflationary gains. Show off your skills as the world’s best portfolio manager!

Say Goodbye to FOMO — Never Miss the ATH Again

Who among us has not experienced the bitter agony of selling a token at a certain price, only to watch it 10x in value afterwards? We are happy to inform you this scenario is not possible with INFINITI token. Just transfer any amount of INFINITI to another wallet before selling, and all your worries will be gone! Sell at any time, and rest assured you will still have a bag of INFINITI to sell as the price skyrockets.

We at Unifi Protocol would like to extend a special apology to Vitalik Buterin for doing what none have dreamed — building the token that could literally take our industry to infinity and beyond.

“ICO” price = 1 INFINITI: >$0.00

*Technically it is impossible, due to limitations of smart contracts.

Stake UNFI, earn rewards and be part of the Global Unifi Protocol DAO governance. https://gov.unifiprotocol.com/my-dashboard.

For additional information on forming partnerships, developing on the Unifi Protocol, or using Unifi Protocol to support your project’s goals, email us! contact@unifiprotocol.com

This Communication from Unifi is subject to Unifi’s standard terms and conditions, which can be found here.



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