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$UNFI 1 Year Anniversary NFT Event!

A Special NFT Giveaway to Participants in the $UNFI DAO and Staking Ecosystem

Happy Anniversary!

Can you believe it? It has been 1 whole year since UNFI launched on Binance Launchpool.

UNFI was initially listed at the price of ~$1.30 USD. Current metrics for UNFI can be tracked using sites such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

UNFI token holders are granted exclusive access to Referendums to propose or vote on Unifi governance actions across multiple blockchains. UNFI can be staked to earn rewards, or provided as liquidity to earn bonus liquidity rewards.

In the past year, Unifi Protocol went from being a concept devised by a team of volunteers to a suite of products operated on multiple blockchains by a full-fledged company with 12 full-time team members. Wow!!

Unifi Protocol is expanding and committed to growing the team in 2022. We expect 25+ job postings to be opened in 2022. Make sure to check out career opportunities with us!


Unifi has solidified partnerships and great working relationships with all the blockchains we’ve launched on throughout the past year, including Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, IoTeX, Tron, ICON, Ontology, and Polygon.

There are still other major partnerships yet to be announced, and that is not including new blockchains. We hope to provide more details before the end of the year, or early 2022.

Unifi Protocol DAO

UNFI DAO Referendums provide a voice to all UNFI holders and can be used for any topic. UNFI holders and stakers can vote in existing referendums, or create a new one, and utilize the power of UNFI to influence cross-chain DeFi governance on the Unifi Protocol. And now we are rewarding addresses that participated in UNFI DAO governance with NFTs!

We are rewarding addresses that participated in UNFI DAO governance with NFTs!

UNFI Anniversary NFT Giveaway — “Unifi People”

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of UNFI token, Unifi Protocol is hosting a very special “Unifi People” NFT giveaway event! This is a fun, promotional event for our amazing Unifi community that begins today and runs into next week.

A Unifi Guy and Unifi Gal from the Unifi People Anniversary Collection

Eligibility Criteria

Participants in UNFI DAO governance throughout the past year will be automatically eligible to claim their Unifi People NFT from Unifi Protocol.

There was a snapshot taken at Ethereum blockheight 13637590 to determine the addresses eligible for a Unifi People NFT. That snapshot took place on or around November 18, 2021.

The 3 eligibility criteria include:

  • Anyone with staked UNFI on Ethereum at the time of the snapshot
  • Anyone who created a UNFI Referendum at any time before the snapshot
  • Anyone who voted in a UNFI Referendum at any time before the snapshot

We are Extending the NFT Giveaway Event for New Stakers!

There are still spots open for UNFI staking, and we want to give everyone a chance to get a special Unifi People Anniversary NFT. So hurry and get your UNFI staked, because once the contract reaches capacity, no further staking addresses will be eligible for an NFT.*

As an added bonus, the rewards from staking goes up as more UNFI is staked. Everybody wins!

*While supplies last. Only a maximum of 750 Unifi People have been created.

Unifi People NFTs from Unifi Protocol

750 Unifi People were created in total for this promotional event. Each NFT has a set of attributes that are completely unique.

Some Unifi People attributes are more rare than others. A very small number of Unifi People will be minted with ultra-rare attributes and accessories, or perhaps no accessories at all. Which Unifi Guy or Unifi Gal you randomly claim is all part of the fun!!

Visit the Unifi Protocol NFT Page to Claim your Anniversary NFT!

Unifi People will be claimable through the new Unifi Protocol NFT page, which will be added to the top header of all Unifi web pages. Follow Unifi social media for announcements on when this new page will be available!

Please note you will need ETH to cover the network gas fee to claim your NFT.

Make sure to also check out all the minted Unifi People on our NFT page. You can view the gallery of the whole collection as they get minted, more information about the rarity of your Unifi Guy or Gal, and a direct link to the collection on OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Mockup of the brand new NFT page on Unifi Protocol for the Unifi People Anniversary Collection

Show Off Your NFT Proudly!

Which Unifi Guy or Unifi Gal did you claim? The Stray Cat, Laszlo’s pizza, gold skin with tattoos, moon helmet, Bitcoin — these are just some of the different varieties you can claim!! We encourage the Unifi community to display your Unifi People NFT proudly as your profile picture on Telegram, Twitter, or wherever you like! Unifi People NFTs will serve as a badge of honor, signifying your participation in the first blended DeFi ecosystem at the intersection of NFTs and DAO governance. Congratulations and Happy 1 Year Anniversary to UNFI!! #UNF1 #UnifiPeople

Unifi Protocol and uTrade can be found at https://www.unifiprotocol.com.

Connect with the Unifi community on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit or Medium.

Stake UNFI, earn rewards, and be part of the Global Unifi Protocol DAO governance. https://gov.unifiprotocol.com/my-dashboard.

For additional information on forming partnerships, developing on the Unifi Protocol, or using Unifi Protocol to support your project’s goals, email us! contact@unifiprotocol.com

Communications from Unifi are subject to Unifi’s standard terms and conditions, which can be found here.



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