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UNIFI holders determine Fee Structure Reviews

Key Points:

  • Each uTrade V2 pair is created with all fee parameters set to the default trading fee structure.
  • Each pair can have these parameters customized. The UNIFI Super Pair, and all Preferred pairs, are examples of pairs that have a custom fee structure.
  • Unifi will periodically review fees structures to ensure uTrade is providing a competitive trading environment and liquidity provider rewards.
  • Persons or projects wishing to have a custom fee structure on their token pairing can request a fee structure evaluation through the UNIFI Global Governance Model
  • Projects wishing to use uTrade to launch new tokens, projects building on the Unifi Protocol, or projects that benefit UNIFI holders can contact Unifi for possible fees customizations. Customizations may require approval by the UNIFI GGM.

uTrade Fee Structure

uTrade V2’s fees structure can be summarized as the now familiar 85–10–5–0. 85–10–5–0 is an approximate average and ensures uTrade V2 will have a competitive rewards structure for all types of trading pairs. UNIFI Super Pairs complement UNIFI staking, UNIFI GGM governance, and further establishes the UNIFI as the center of the Unifi Protocol multi-chain ecosystem.

The 85–10–5–0 approximate average is the result of multiple variables that are specific to each created pair. Those variables are described below. A more in depth description of this trading fee process, also with contract calls to source information from a specific pair is available in Unifi’s developer documents.

Due to the complexities of the Protocol’s contract parameters, Unifi may modify the fee structure of any pair on uTrade at any time. Current fees are displayed in the user interface.

How to get a customized fee structure

Users or projects who wish to employ a custom fee structure may request a fee evaluation by Unifi. While Unifi does periodically review the structure of all pairs, it is unlikely individual pairs will have their fee customized without request. Projects requesting a customization should seek an approval action of the UNIFI GGM, through the Referendum process.

Qualifying for a Fee Evaluation

The token or pair requesting a Fee Evaluation must meet the following criteria, prior to the creation of the referendum:

  • It must have a minimum of 10 days trading history on uTrade
  • It must have a trading pair with that blockchain’s base token
  • The combined total of all liquidity in the pair should be equal to $25,000 USDEV or higher
  • The token must have significant trading volume

Fee Review Referendum — Required Content

The Fee Review Referendum must include the following sections.

1. Information on the token. This should include details of the project the token is related to, and how the token interacts with the project.

2. A summary of historic trading information on the token or pair.

3. A detailed explanation of the requested fee structure. If the referendum meets the qualifications for evaluation, and is approved by UNIFI holders, this section will be evaluated by Unifi as the requested parameters.

4. An explanation to UNIFI holders of why they should approve the Fee Review Referendum. For example, this would include why the project should be allowed to contribute less to the UNIFI Super Pair, if that is being requested.

5. Who created the Referendum

6. Information on how the token or project’s community has been mobilized to support the pair on uTrade either through liquidity or trade volume.

Minimum standards for a successful UNIFI Referendum

In order to obtain enough UNIFI participation, the Referendum creator is encouraged to engage with UNIFI holders. For a Referendum to be considered successful, over 50% of the UNIFI votes cast must be for approval of the proposed changes.

The referendum must also meet one of these following set of criteria:

At least 50,000 UNIFI votes for any choice


At least 25,000 combined UNIFI votes for any choice AND have $100,000 or more of combined liquidity on uTrade in pairs with that token

Initial Offerings of New Tokens

Projects wishing to do the initial offering of a brand new token on uTrade may contact Unifi directly. Unifi can assist in the creation of a custom pair. Projects launching on uTrade will likely see a much higher return than on other AMM platforms. Email contact@unifiprotocol.com with the complete details of the project and proposed token listing.

Unifi Protocol and uTrade can be found at https://www.unifiprotocol.com.

Connect with the Unifi community on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit or Medium.

Stake UNIFI, earn rewards, and be part of the Global Unifi Protocol DAO governance. https://gov.unifiprotocol.com/my-dashboard.

For additional information on forming partnerships, developing on the Unifi Protocol, or using Unifi Protocol to support your project’s goals, email us! contact@unifiprotocol.com

Communications from Unifi are subject to Unifi’s standard terms and conditions, which can be found here.



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