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Unifi DAO Global Governance Model (GGM)

Powered by the UNFI Governance Token

UNFI token holders can voluntarily participate in the Unifi Global Governance Model (GGM). Governance and guidance of the Protocol by UNFI holders creates a healthy ecosystem, so participation in the GGM is significantly incentivized. The GGM allows flexibility for the unique multi-chain Unifi Protocol to grow and adapt, while maintaining the strength that comes from being a community guided organization.

UNFI tokens will also be able to participate in different governance activities depending on voluntary actions taken by the UNFI holder. Examples include:

  • Earn incentives for providing services to the DAO
  • Earn rewards for participating in the GGM process

Through the GGM, UNFI holders can:

  • Create or vote for proposals
  • Hold referendums (community opinion and guidance)

Provide governance in categories such as:

  • How the GGM works
  • The release rate of UNFI tokens
  • Rewards to UNFI holders for services provided to the DAO
  • The types of outside development that is incentivized by the GGM
  • The amount of development incentives paid by the GGM

Unifi Protocol’s website can be found at https://www.unifiprotocol.com/. You can also connect to the Unifi community on Telegram, Twitter, or Medium. Developers — check out our bounty list to build on the Unifi Protocol at https://gitcoin.co/issue/sesame-seed/Quest/1/100023698



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Unifi Protocol

Unifi Protocol

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